CH 5 – “Pink Dress” – Reincarnated as a Dark Elf ~The strongest magician conquers a parallel world~

TL Note: Yay more 1st and 3rd person musically chairs. I am so happy…….

Lunelize Von Grantz.
She is a beautiful princess with golden hair.
She is 9 years old, the same as me.
Her facial features are similar to mine.
The only difference is our races and the color of our hair.
She is a human child, the daughter of the current emperor.
Celica is an elf child, and she is a half-breed dark elf.

Lunelize blond hair and fair white skin seems like the very opposite of Celica’s silver hair and dark skin.

It’s just like the head and tails of a coin.
There is no way for me to not think like that.
(TL Note: Yay double negatives.) 

Two people who would normally never meet and their lives would normally never intertwine.

If these two met, became acquainted, and became friends, it would show how life is truly mysterious

――But then this is Celica’s plan, also this plan has yet to be put into action.

[Still, I will definitely execute my plan. If I can get this Lunelize girl under my command.] Celica

Then Celica would enter into the military elementary school and proceed into the military academy.
If she thinks about it, winning over one little girl should pose no difficulties.
In order for Celica to make good on her own promise, she began to pester her mother.

[Mother, there is supposed to be a wedding at the noble’s house you work at right? Please take me.] Celica

Her mother was bewildered by the sudden pestering of her daughter.

[What’s with you all of a sudden?] Celica’s mother

[I can’t go? I want to see the beautiful bride.] Celica

[Celica wants to see the bride, huh. Hoho. Celica is definitely a girl.] Celica’s mother

That was a response that made Celica want to puke.
Why would anyone want to see a bride?
All Celica wants to see is the imperial princess that will be coming to the wedding ceremony.

Lunelize is well known so Celica heard that she would be participating from her mother.

Celica has no interest in the bride, groom or any of the delicacies form all over that will be served there.

All that she cares about it her own life.
So, she added to her earlier request.

[So, it’s ok right? You know the person who stands in front of the bride and throws petals. I want to do that.] Celica

[Do you mean the flower girl?] Celica’s mother

[Yeah, that.] Celica

Flower girl, what a shitty name. I don’t want to do it, but I need an excuse for me to slip in.

[But that position has already been decided. The daughters of a distinguished noble and a merchant will be the flower girls.] Celica’s mother

[But sometimes people get sick the day of the ceremony, right? Since the princess is coming it would be disrespectful if there aren’t enough flower girls. Won’t there be a need for an emergency stand-in.] Celica

[…You might be right. Maybe I will as the butler Hans-san.] Celica’s mother

But don’t get your hopes up. Is what her mother continued to say.
I won’t’ do that is how she responded to herself.
The fact is Celica’s mother is a maid at a noble’s house and the princess was coming to said house.
This is a once in a lifetime chance.
If she lets this opportunity go by, the chance for poor dark elf girl Celica to meet the princess will never come again.
To let this, go by would be outrageous.
Celica will do all she can.
In a soft voice, Celica pulled on her mother’s arm.

[Please wait before you ask Hans-san.] Celica

[Why?] Celica’s mother

[Now is a very busy time, right? That’s why I think next week Monday is better.] Celica

[You’re right. The weekends are busy.] Celica’s mother

As the ceremony approaches they will become busier.

But if we tell the butler this great plan now, he will definitely ask a daughter of a good house to be the backup flower girl.
If we don’t propose this idea right before the ceremony that all of this will be for nothing.

At that point if they realize they need a flower girl that late that is when the daughter of servant will be chosen.

Actually, Celica was able to hold back her mother from asking right away. And then 3 days before the ceremony when her mother presented this idea to the butler, just as she predicted he chose Celica as the flower girl.

There were other servants who has daughters, but I was chosen since I am known for being beautiful.

I have never once been thankful for being born a girl, but that day only I was thankful for being born a beautiful girl.

But then, that only lasted one day.
The next day. My mother took me out into the town.
My mother then said this.

[Celica, let’s buy you a dress.] Celica’s mother

It was at this time I first realized.

If I am to participate in a wedding, I would have to wear a fluttering dress.

This is a disgrace, and absolute disgrace.

Just as Celica had become accustomed to sitting down when using the restroom, she has not been able to deal with wearing a skirt and a breeze blowing between her legs.
In this parallel world it is weird for girls to wear pants, so she has had no choice but to wear a skirt. But up until now she has yet to wear a dress.

You could say it was her last vestige of pride that she defended, you could also say that the opportunity never presented itself until now.

[Shit, what do I have to wear a dress?] Celica

As she screamed inside of her head, there is no way she is getting out of wearing a dress.
You cannot wear normal clothes at the wedding ceremony of a noble.
Putting on a dress is an absolute condition.

Since there is no other choice Celica resigned myself, she was taken to a second-hand clothes store. For 3 hours her mother made her change clothes like a doll.

[Celica is just as cute as a doll. Since you don’t have any interest in western clothes, the chance to do this rarely comes.] Celica’s mother

Her mother pulled out all the stops.
And Celica stood there as if her soul was ripped out of her.

[Is that right?]
[I think the cheapest one would be fine.]

This is all that Celica said.

In the end, the dress that was picked for her was a one-piece pink dress.

Celica’s brown skin and silver hair shine in this dress, is the reason that were given to her. But when she looked at the price she was startled.

Isn’t it too expensive?
As Celica sent a protesting stare to her mother, she responded happily.

[Since Celica never asks me to buy a toy, or take you on a trip, or anything that a normal child would. This is the only time I can splurge and get you something nice.] Celica’s mother

Honestly, this is why women are just too much.
There is no way Celica would want something like a toy.

What Celica wants isn’t a dress or a toy, but the power and authority to control this country.

Compared to this, satisfaction from physical things leaves something to be desired.
As Celica thought such harsh things, she made her way home with her mother.




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