The Deadbeat Master and Genius Disciple’s Misunderstood Workshop

Author: Nanatsu Hashi

After raising a girl he picked up from the slums and teaching her alchemy, all for the purpose of being taken cared of; she turned out to be a genius and her alchemist skills eventually surpassed her master’s, the main character. 

However due to various circumstances the main character was unable to remove the guise of being the great master. Even though the main character attained the luxurious lifestyle he wanted; it came at the cost of being burdened with unnecessary worries on a daily basis.   

This is the story of a deadbeat mediocre “Great” master and the genius disciple who loves her master.  

[Read Prologue]

[Chapter 1: Mornin’]

[Chapter 2: An Encounter on a Winter’s Night]

[Chapter 3: Mornin’]

[Chapter 4: Solitude]

[Chapter 5: Experimental Cooking]

[Chapter 6: Papa]

[Chapter 7: Dream and Reality]

[Chapter 8: Intent and Wish]

[Chapter 9: 31 Selen]


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