CH 4 – “Aiming to be a Solider” – Reincarnated as a Dark Elf ~The strongest magician conquers a parallel world~

(TL Note: Someone mentioned how short the chapters were. I’m not cutting them up the author just tends to write like this.)

As 4 years passed, Celica Desself became old enough to be called a young girl.
She was under 140 centimeters tall but for a girl of her age this was normal. (TL Note: Around 4 ½ feet tall for us Americans.)

But, elves don’t usually grow up to be very tall, so there is a possibility that she won’t grow to be any taller than this.

Even though she is a bit worried about this, height does not equal strength, so she decided to not worry about it.

The strength Celica is aiming for isn’t brute strength, but political strength that can subdue many people and leadership strength. This the kind of strength that she yearns for.

Height has nothing to do with this.
That is why a body larger than this is not necessary.
There is no reason to grow any taller than this.
What she needs now more than anything is a light to brighten her future.
How will she take over this world? That is all that is going through her head.
God told her to take over this world.
She was tasked with becoming the dictator of this world.
And she intends to follow this command.

Ever since being reborn into this world, establishing herself and obtaining her place in this world was a given.

Laws like human rights haven’t taken root yet here as in her previous world.
To guarantee her health and happiness, she needs power.

In order to obtain this, instead of becoming a land baron or a rich merchant by making complicated plans, it’s better to aim for the top of this country, no the world.

If I take over the top, then at least I won’t be attacked from the people there.

There is no reason for Celica to be troubled by inept bosses here in this world as she was in her previous one.

Even though reaching the top is the best environment, it is impossible to achieve this overnight. For such a careful plan a thousand days’ worth of planning is needed.

Consequently, ever since she was born into this world, Celica has thought of only how obtain power.

Living in her previous world was easy.
All you needed to do was get good grades on paper tests, get into a good school, and get into a good company.
And if you do this, no matter how inept you may be, you are promised a good life.

Another way to think of it is if you are capable, a child from a poor home can become a politician, or an entrepreneur.

Depending on your talents, you can deal with it.
But this parallel world is different.
This world’s cultural level is low.
Your station in society is fixated.
The child of a farmer will become a farmer. The child of a bricklayer will become a bricklayer, just the same as a child of a noble will become a noble.
Social classes are fixated and not fluid.
How can you make something of yourself in a world like this?
Celica worried over this since she was young and after coming this far, she has collected her thoughts.

[I have no choice but to become a soldier.] Celica.

This is the only conclusion she could come to.
Being a career officer is the only way for a poor person to succeed in life.

Your station in life is fixated in this world, but only soldiers can break through this.

Of course, even though there are enough idiotic sons of nobles to shake a stick at in the upper echelons of the army. There are also many capable poor people there as well.

This is the kind of world Celica is in. Especially this country who is surrounded by enemies on all sides. If the soldiers were not capable, the country itself would not be able to remain intact.

It’s natural that eventually this country would recognize true strength.

[Well luckily this world has the general notion of magic. And I have this tremendous magic power and my intellect. If I can just get into a military school, then I can somehow make it work.] Celica

This wasn’t an exaggeration or prideful boasting, only the simple truth.

The only problem is how I would get into the military school.

At the military academy if you are skilled you can receive a scholarship, but that hurdle is without a doubt difficult to overcome.

It seems you must enter a military elementary school and attain excellent marks.
The problem is how will I enter such a facility?

Of course, with careful planning and preparation to enter the school at a young age, she stuffed this world’s common sense and education into her head. Even then there was information that Celica was unable to easily attain.

This is due to fact that Celica is a girl.

Military Elementary School has a fixed number of applicants. And entering as a girl is quite difficult.

Even if the army recognizes true strength, that’s only when it comes to men. For women, it’s still very difficult.

In the middle of being impoverished due to war, the army probably finds little merit in raising female soldiers.

If there is time to do that, then it’s better to raise girls to be good wives who will protect the home and have many children is better for the country.

Honestly, what an archaic way of thinking. But it is a logical in a way, so I have to at least acknowledge it.

[Even if I acknowledge it that doesn’t mean I have to agree with it.] Celica

Now after becoming a girl, there has been no greater hurdle than this.
At least let there be an exception for a genius like me.

Even if I grabbed the emperor and prime minister by the back of their necks and demanded change, there is little that can be done.

Celica began to realistically plan how she would enter that school.

This place recognizing true strength and being practical are points that will work in my favor.

What I laid my eyes on was the newspaper that was lying in front of me. Made from high-class paper, it was the St. Elfshizum times.

(TL Note: サン・エルフシズム is the name and I had to make up the spelling for this word. I apologize if it looks dumb.)

There was a cute girl on the front page.
This cute girl is my key to entering the academy.
Celica whispered the name of the child who will become her meal ticket.

[The 27th Emperor Lambert Von Grantz’s 4th princess Lunelize.]

She is the girl who will help Celica get onto to the track to success.


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