CH 12 – “The Princess’s Prank” – Reincarnated as a Dark Elf ~The strongest magician conquers a parallel world

Thus, Celica’s elementary school days passed quietly.

Normally, elementary school is just a period to prepare before entering a higher level school.

They teach reading, writing, math and general education.

In Celica’s previous life, it is the period of elementary school and junior high school.

Celica was called a prodigy there and was groomed.

At the age of 10, she could solve college level math problems and create poems that made adults groan in jealousy.

She had more common sense than other boys and girls her age.

Celica had committed herself to studying everything about this world ever since she was an infant.

Celica was also favored by her teachers and was also popular with the boys and girls her age.

A girl who is good at studying, sports, and above anything else is beautiful would become a target of envy.

However, there were some that avoided her because of her dark skin.

Some also made fun of Celica for being a commoner.

But, she never gave those people any thought.

[If half of the people will follow me then it’s our win.] Celica

In this country democracy is not prevalent, but it is the same even in a despot government.

It is impossible for someone to be liked by everyone or to receive support from everyone.

Then if you have an absolute majority support then you won’t have any problems.

For example, suppose that there are hundred students in this school.

If you receive the support of 51 people then you would have overcome the opposing party, but in reality, you don’t need that much support.

The 51 students are not singular entities, they are divided into groups.

If you have the largest group among the 51 people, for example if you have a group of 26 people, you can monopolize that support. Therefore, you can become the biggest force among the 51 people.

Furthermore, if the 26 people are divided into two groups, then all you need to do is gain the support of 14 people among them.

With this Celica can take control.

Even though it looks like there are many groups, but in fact there are only a few people holding power.

That is the trick.

It is the basis of military tactics and Celica abides by it.

Defeat a small number group using superiority in numbers.

In other words, by borrowing the influence of Princess Lunelize Celica created her own faction within the school and crushed each troublesome group one by one and expanded her power.

A circle of people gradually formed around Celica and stories of the other boys and girls will be brought to her.

Celica generously granted the wishes of the boys and girls.

The nobility are shit. The capitalists are pigs.

This was Celica ‘s belief, but she do not avoid making friends with their children.

It may help her in her future plans.

Celica is gaining favors from the future ruling class.

After saying all of this, its only the wishes of students. It’s nothing serious.

The boys and girls who fell in love wanted her to help them.

Although Celica mostly deals with love advice, there were some who fell in love with their teachers, which was a bit troublesome.

If it wasn’t love talks then it was food.

This school is basically a boarding school.

Many of the students are living in the dormitory at the school, although there are some who go home everyday, due to security reasons, like Lunelize.

Although it is a dormitory where aristocrats gather, the food of this dormitory is something similar to British boarding schools from Celica’s previous life.

No, that may be rude to this dormitory?

However, the level of cooking at this school is a bit better than English cuisine, but honestly it made Celica, who is a commoner, wince in disgust.

In the school’s dining hall the words “vigor, simple, and frugal” are hung on the wall. But the cafeteria food can not be called delicious.

The upper-class children who were used to eating gourmet food are having a tough time.

So, it was inevitable that food imported from outside would become valuable.

A cake from a famous pastry shop in the center of the capital.

A hot dog from the stand at the nearby park.

Food that would spoil quickly was traded at a high price in the school and cookies and other food that would last more than a day were circulating as a form of currency.

Celica is in a position to take control of this system.

The one that could make this possible was Lunelize.

As explained earlier, she is a member of the royal family and goes to and from her home under a special arrangement.

There was no impudent teacher who would examine the body of someone from the royal family.

Lunelize could smuggle in food easily if she hid sweets among her clothes.

There is also the method of bringing in a large amount of lunch boxes and then distributing the food.

Celica made use of any and all means available and gained control over the economy and power of the school.

However, even with all of this there was one annoying thing Celica had to do.

That is offering love advice.

Of course, if it’s love advice for aristocrats whose heads are filled with cotton candy then all she has to do is give some random coaching, and if both sides are interested, then it’s possible to force them together. But there are cases where this cannot be done.

That is to say there are cases where Celica doesn’t want it to happen.

The fact that there were many of these cases troubled Celica.

At least 10% of love advice requests that were brought to Celica concerned Celica herself.

In other words, there are many students who confess to Celica.

Moreover, there were both boys and girls, upper and lower-class men.

During her time in school, she was to confessed more than 30 times. She refused every time, but each time she felt her face burn up.

Celica’s outer surface is that of a perfect girl, but inside of this girl is a man.

It was uncomfortable to be confessed to by a man, and it was weird to be confessed to by a woman.

SInce Celica has the mindset of an adult it is a little embarrassing to see the confession of beautiful boys and girls.

Of course it was absolutely embarrassing when she was the focus of interest.

Celica wanted to ask someone for advice, which was rare, but the only one she could ask is the Princess.

Since Celica had no other choice she asked Lunelize for advice.

And Lunelize said this.

[It cannot be helped, since Celica-sama’s beautiful face can be compared to a goddess of beauty. In the future, you will become a true beauty. Of course people would become infatuated with you.] Lunelize

[And,] Lunelize continued.

[Children at this age will acknowledge someone for being good at sports. Celica-sama is fastest in a race and you dance as well as a gymnast when we have floor exercises. In addition to that, you are the top prodigy at the school when it comes to studying, you are perfect. Telling someone to not fall in love with a girl like you is an impossible task.] Lunelize

[I see. You have a point there.] Celica

[It’s not just one point but a whole dozen of them. So please don’t be too cold when you turn them down. Im sure they must have mustered all of their courage to confess to you.] Lunelize

[I will think about it. But I won’t be able to stand it unless I turn them down. I can only take so much.] Celica

[Fufufu, I see. Even if it’s Celica-sama you cannot handle several people at the same time especially when it comes to love stories.] Lunelize

[Yeah.When it comes to combat 100 people is nothing.] Celica

When Celica said this Lunelize asked her a question.

[Well, Celica-sma, do not you plan on finding a lover?] Lunelize

[No. Unfortunately, I can’t even say I’m upset about it. I do not like men.] Celica

[Oh no, well, it seems you are not comfortable around men.] Lunelize

Celica was relieved she was asked “why?”.

However, she continued speaking while showing an expression like a mischievous fairy.

[Actually, I am not good with gentleman, as well. Isn’t that a coincidence.] Lunelize (TL Note: Oh shit!!)

[That’s a problem, since members of the royal family must be married in the future. Lunelize, you are of no exception. I will have you have a political marriage and become a political pawn.] Celica

[I know. Since I was born as a daughter of the emperor,I was prepared for that to happen. But, at the same time, the royal family is guaranteed the freedom to love who they want. My father also does not love the Empress, my father only married her out of a sense of duty.] Lunelize

[There seems to be a well known phrase among the nobles. Marry someone as a public official and love someone as a private person. That is why a life where you have dozens of lovers is glorified.] Celica

[Yes. So, at the very least I’d like to enjoy romance freely until I get married.] Lunelize

[That’s fine, I will ask around to see if there any interested people here at school.] Celica

[There is someone I’m interested in but I will refrain from having you do anything.] Lunelize

[Why? Do you want to realize your love with you own efforts?] Celica

[There is that. Also it seems that person is indifferent to love.] Lunelize

[Honestly, that person is a fool.] Celica

[Yeah, a true fool.] Lunelize

As Lunelize said this, she took Celica by surprise and lightly pressed her lips against Celica’s cheek.

[…………] Celica

Since it happened so suddenly, Celica stood there frozen.

She just stood there dumbfounded staring at Lunelize.

Lunelize smiled cheerfully and lastly said.

[See, Celica-sama is really a fool. Shouldn’t you say something clever at a time like this.] Lunelize

She laughed as she left with a light gait that made her seem like she was weightless.

Celica was dumbfoundedly staring at the back of Lunelize, with her hand on the cheek where the feeling of Lunelize’s lips remained.




CH 11 – “Moment at School” – Reincarnated as a Dark Elf ~The strongest magician conquers a parallel world

(TL Note: I am sorry I have been sick with the flu for 2 weeks. I will be back up to full speed by next week.)

Even though Celica spent her school days like this dealing with unpleasant things, she did have peaceful days.

Lunelize was also attending this school, and the time she spent with her calmed Celica.

For example, during lunch time, Lunelize would bring her bento from her house and allow Celica to accompany her.

It’s the bento of a royal. It’s on a different level than the school’s lunch.

The sandwich has many layers of high class ham inside of it and the cheese is from a special farm for the royal family. The cheese comes from the same place.

Lunelize’s lunchbox is filled with the best ingredients made by the best chefs.

The ones who normally eat this are either those who are royalty or those who are loyal to them.
Celica looks at the blonde girl.
She is glad to have Lunelize working for her.
As she whispered this, Lunelize rebutted.

[Celica-sama you say that you have me working for you. But this is wrong.

I am just following Celica-sama’s will of my own volition.

Even though I am hesitant, even with the subjugation contract, I would still share my lunch with Celica-sama] Lunelize

As to why, Lunelize continued.

[I wish to be friends with Celica-sama. Even though all we are doing is eating lunch, is there any reason to hesitate.] Lunelize

As Celica listened to these words, she washed down the sandwich with some black tea.
Is this girl serious?
Celica used her magic eye.
Lunelize’s body was shining white.
Her wanting to be friends with Celica seemed to be the truth.
Celica wondered why?
She decided to ask her.
Lunelize answered her clearly.

[The first time I saw Celica-sama, I thought a servant of God had descended from heaven. Celica was that heavenly and beautiful.] Lunelize

[I am just a dark elf. It’s nothing rare.] Celica

[That is not true. There is no one as beautiful as Celica-sama.] Celica

[Thanks for that.] Celica

Even though she is a girl it doesn’t seem like she is the type of person to have an inferiority complex.

[But, it’s not just you being beautiful. Celica-sama is strong. The way you instantly slaughtered the criminals was like a fallen angel from the legends.] Lunelize

[Is that your attempt at flattering me?] Celica

[Yes, it is. Whatever the case, the legends in this country state that a fallen angel was a hero who defeated an evil dragon that was rampaging in this country.] Lunelize

[So that’s why you easily fell to my threat and swore loyalty to me.] Celica

[Yes.] Lunelize

She responded with unwavering eyes.

[Honestly, you are a girl I do not understand. But, well. Keep believing in me. In 10 years, no in 5 years I will stand at the top of this country. Then I will reform this country, no the world. Then this place should become a bit easier to line in.] Celica

[In the country Celica-sama is aiming for, will there be hungry people?] Lunelize

[I will make a country where as long as you work properly you won’t go hungry.] Celica

[Will there be no more poor people or people afraid of violence?] Lunelize

[Criminals will be sent to prison. Even if they are nobles.] Celica

[What about the royalty? Will they still exist?] Lunelize

[If they are necessary for the people they will continue to exist.] Celica

As Lunelize heard these words, she let out a sigh.
Celica thought she would be happy to hear the royal family would continue but it was the opposite.
Lunelize was hoping to destroy the royal family.

[Why?] Celica

She asked.
And Lunelize answered.

[After the founding of the empire, for the several hundred years, the Grant family and those loyal to them have been living too freely. For the past several hundred years, the royalty has not worked, abused the results of people’s hard labor, and have been blatantly living in the lap of luxury. The royalty has done the same. Even in their wildest dreams would they ever think that their lifestyles are thanks to the support of the people. They plainly believe that people are supposed to be loyal to them.] Lunelize

[Those are some dangerous ideas. Especially since you are part of the royal family. Have you spoke to anyone?] Celica

[How could I? Until I met someone who could reform this country, I’ve kept these words a secret.] Lunelize

[The was smart of you. From now on, never speak these words unless you are in my presence.] Celica

[I understand.] Lunelize

She said this while smiling.

But, how did such a warm-hearted girl like Lunelize, become to hold such a strong anti-empire ideology. Celica became curious and asked her.

Lunelize cheerfully answered her.

[My father is monster who killed my mother’s lover. After seeing her by chance in town, the emperor wanted to bring my mother to his harem. So, he killed my mother’s lover, and stopped her from grieving for him.

Ever since I was young, my mother raised me and always told me this story.
She would say, your father is a demon.
And, you have half of his blood flowing in you.
Even on her deathbed she continued to spout these curses, then she left this world.] Lunelize

Lunelize told this horrible story as if it was nothing to fuss about.

[My mother told me all of this since I was young. She ordered me to destroy the emperor, no the imperial line. Then I met the person who could destroy the imperial line, that is you Celica-sama.] Lunelize

[…I see] Celica

The cause for this girls hatred is her mother. Celica thought that this hatred was deeply rooted.
But, for as deeply rooted as this was, Lunelize is tough and doesn’t seem to be easily broken.
Another option is after erasing all of the royal family, it might not be bad to have Lunelize take up the throne.
Then Celica could control her from the shadows and move the empire.
As Celica was drawing up these blueprints, she ate another sandwich.
Lunelize gazed at Celica.
Celica thought that something was on her face.
Or maybe Lunelize put something in the sandwich.
If it is the latter then this girl is really something. Celica thought this but she had it all wrong.

Lunelize didn’t put anything in the sandwiches, she was the one who made the sandwich in the first place.

It seems Lunelize want to know what Celica thinks of the taste.

(…This poorly made sandwich is from the princes, huh.)

Honestly, it’s impossible to make a bad sandwich.
Especially a tuna sandwich, anyone can make a good one.

But Celica simply said.
[Not bad.] Celica

This was her thought on the sandwich.

When Lunelize heard this, she showed a smile that would make a flower blush.

[I am honored to hear that. Celica-sama.] Lunelize

Celica was struck dumb by that smile.
Even though they are both girls, Celica thought that Lunelize was a very charming girl.




CH 10 – “The Elementary School’s Baptism” – Reincarnated as a Dark Elf ~The strongest magician conquers a parallel world

So Celica entered Streim academy, a famous elementary school in the capitol.


Streim academy is in the in the middle of the capital.

It is a famous academy where only young nobles and children from upper society can attend.

Many children of nobles, study here from 8 until 15 years of age, then attend college.

(TL Note: In the past, there were times where high school was called college. So this wording does make sense if it’s a medieval setting even if there is magic.)


But, Celica won’t do something as leisurely as that.

Celica intends to graduate and enter the military academy as soon as possible.

In short, she has to graduate in 2 years, or achieve results that will allow her to be entered into the military academy.

This isn’t some outrageous declaration.


Excellent students who have mastered all subjects do not need to wait until their 15. They can enter college or enter even enroll into the military academy.


If anything taking two years is only due to the unwritten rule that no matter how excellent a student is they must be enrolled for at least 2 years.


Honestly, this is why incompetent humans are so troublesome.

The use their own incompetent skills as a ruler and create common sense from it.


But, Celica intends to follow this common sense. She will persevere, live in obscurity, and wait for her opportunity to enter the military academy.



In the meantime, even though it upsets her, Celica will make friends with these noble children.

This is what she thought.


Celica has had a biased opinion of nobles as being a bunch of vagrants since her previous world, but she never called them stupid directly to their face and she has no intention of ever doing so.


What kind of idiot would call out a dog for being a dog?

Where is there an idiot who would try and give a lecture to a cat?

She has already planned for influential people to involve themselves with her.

She already has the know how to curry favor with people in higher stations.

――But, this is only what she herself had planned.

A month after entering the elementary school, Celica was involved in some trouble.


The beginning of it all was when the most beautiful girl in the school started receiving letters.

The letters were always inside of her desk.

These are what you would call love letters.

There were letters from both boys and girls.

The young girl is just that beautiful.

Her hair looks like it was spun from melted silver.

Her face looks as if an ancient sculptor carved it out of black marble.

Her beautiful eyes were icy blue, as if an iceberg from the polar caps had been placed there.


Since such a beautiful girl had enrolled into the school, of course the original hierarchy of the school began to crumble.


Due to her looks she was idolized by both the boys and girls and she became the object of everyone’s worship.

But, there was one person who was not pleased by this.

That person was the former queen of the school.

She was the idol before Celica had entered the school.

She did not find this funny.

That a girl that was prettier than her had entered the school.

That the girl was younger than her and more popular than her.

On top of that she was nothing but a child of a commoner.

The former queen was immersed in these thoughts.

But, she had a sliver of reasoning left.

After Celica entered the school, the former queen ignored her in order to maintain her pride.

The new idol, Celica, received no direct harassment form the former queen.


Celica only started to receive direct harassment after she received a letter from a certain person.


That person was a male student that was 2 grades above her.

It seems the former queen, Elise, has a crush on this boy.


Basically, Elise could handle being jealous of Celica’s beauty and popularity, but she couldn’t handle the jealousy she felt from the one she loved falling for Celica.


Elise is very human-like in her actions.

But the biggest surprise is that the boy in question wasn’t even that good looking.

He has very common features.

He is a noble but he is not from one of the high ranking houses.


At this school where beautiful students are gathered, not only does he not stand out he isn’t even an afterthought in terms of looks.


Also he doesn’t seem to have special qualities, he isn’t good at studying nor sports.


But when it comes to art, especially drawing, he does have some talent. During breaks he is always in a corner of the school garden sketching trees.


After only looking at the tree once, he can sketch it pretty well.

Celica doesn’t think he is not good enough to have a 10-year-old girl attracted by his skills though.


Just what is it about that boy that has the queen so interested? Celica did think about this, but the real problem is what to do about the harassment she is receiving.


Celica’s school supplies are being hidden, her personal belongings are messed with, and of course her textbooks have had graffiti written all over them.

In her previous world she endured this level of bullying before, instead of being angry it’s more annoying than anything else.

Honestly, why are children so stupid?

Celica wanted to say this to Elise, but it makes no sense for a child to say this to another child.

So Celica decided to take revenge on Elise.

A severe and strict kind of revenge with no mercy.

Celica will take revenge on her without holding back.


Of course, Elise is the daughter of a high-ranking noble family. She won’t physically harm her. Of course, if it’s a mental attack though Celica has a number of ways to deal with her.

Celica began by getting rid of Elise’s followers.

She will bring Elise’s followers over to her side.

It is quite easy.

It’s not like her followers were enticed by Elise’s charm.

She subjugated them using the influence of her family.

So all Celica needs to is show off a stronger influence and her followers will bend easily.

Times like these, there is no reason to hesitate in using one’s connections and any means necessary.

Celica sought help from the princess who was attending the same school as her.

Lunelize replied twice and agreed, then she helped Celica.



[Renee-san, Maria-san if you hurt my friend, it is the same as hurting the dignity of the empire.] Lunelize


After Lunelize said these words, the 2 girls started to shake.

Elise’s followers all ran away from her.

But, Elise didn’t give up after that. Honestly, she is really something.

Elise did not stop harassing Celica.

If anything, it escalated.

Since Elise couldn’t use her female followers anymore, she gathered male followers.

Elise charmed these stupid yet strong boys and made them her pawns.

Elise’s plan was to use those boys to attack Celica.

Basically they intended to rape Celica and make it so she couldn’t come to school anymore.

This wasn’t a grudge anymore, now Elise is acting out of pure spite.

This is what Celica thought.

But, it’s not like Cleica is going to sit there and let herself get raped.

The very idea of being intimate with a man makes Celica’s hair stand on end.

Celica decided to resist.

First, Celica followed Elise’s plan and met her at the place she was called out to.


There the boys were waiting, eager to defile the dark elf girl; or that is what was supposed to happen. But things didn’t turn out as Elise planned.


The day before all of the boy’s met with “unforeseen” accidents, and became unable to come to school.


Some had their arms severed, others their legs, some had all of their front teeth ripped out.


The strange thing is none of them saw the attacker.

Or possibly they saw who did it but it was so terrifying that they didn’t dare tell anyone.


The attacker was said to be as beautiful as an angel, and viciously attacked like a devil.

(TL Note: If no one said they saw the attacker then who is the person that said all of this. Ugh I shouldn’t think to much on this…)


Now, the boys Elise enlisted have chickened out no one will come to her aid. But even after that Elise’s hostility towards Celica didn’t vanish.


At this rate Celica will be targeted until she graduates, so she used her trump card.

Celica, in a cute voice, called out to the queen who had been attacking her and showed her a certain item.

It was an item that belongs to the boy that Elise has a crush on, his favorite brushes.

Celica broke all of them in half.

Celica whispered to Elise just like a demon.


[This time it’s just paint brushes. But if you come after me again, I just may break his fingers one by one. He might never be able to paint again.] Celica


The effect of these words could be seen immediately.

Elise stopped her prideful queen-like laughter, and all that was left was a weak little girl who was shaking.

Good, that is the face Celica wanted to see.

After this, the noble’s daughter known as Elise came under Celica’s control.


Many years from now, Elise will become a treasured pawn in a political marriage, but that is a story for another day.

Right now, Elise is just a shaking and obedient lamb in front of Celica.




CH 9 – “Academy Enrollment” – Reincarnated as a Dark Elf ~The strongest magician conquers a parallel world

Celica made a private alliance with Lunelize and returned to the Dreahit family right after.

In order to return the large sword, she is riding.

When she got back to the mansion, as expected, the mansion was in an uproar.

The Dreahit family was in a horrible mood after finding a bloody corpse in the men’s restroom. Having a murder occur on a beautiful wedding is a bad omen.

The people are in a rage to search suspects.

Of course, an adorable 9-year-old girl was never questioned.

Meanwhile, Celica waited for the chance to come so she could return the large sword back to its original place.

Then the aristocrats and soldiers who planned to assassinate Lunelize were arrested.

Celica confirmed the moment that the clock in the hall was pointing at 12 o’clock the presence of soldiers hastily entering from the entrance.

The soldiers push the local police who are inspecting the corpse and capture the criminals who were bragging on the balcony earlier.

The criminals screamed out what family they are from, what high nobles are backing them, and making threats of what would happen if the lay their hands on them. But once they heard the princess was still alive they resigned themselves to their fate.

They criminals quietly let themselves be tied up.

Incidentally, it was Celica who informed the authorities about the ringleaders of the imperial princess’s assassination attempt.

There was nothing in the way of evidence, but since they are the perpetrators, she told them if they captured the ringleaders they were sure to find some evidence.

In fact, according to interrogation, the men confessed, from the movement of money in their accounts to kidnappers they hired, everything was revealed.

Thusly, the case of the attempted kidnapping of the Imperial princess formally came to a close.

All the ringleaders were arrested, there was an internal dispute and one of them had their throat cut in the bathroom. That is what the story became.

But, the real culprit, this country’s “prime minister”’ of this country escaped capture.

He was cautious and one could not arrest the prime minister of the Empire without any evidence.

The Prime Minister of this country, depending on the circumstances, has more power than the Emperor. And now it is one of those circumstances.

Compared to Emperor Lambert who is sick and bedridden, the Prime Minister Elric holds more power.

Even if he is the mastermind behind attempted assassination of the royal family, the law of the land cannot touch him. In order to knockdown Elric, one would need a lot of power for that.

[In order to do it, I will need to acquire more power.] Celica

As Celica whispered this to herself, she left behind the bustling mansion.

On the way home, my mother’s hands were trembling.

I guess the murder case was terrifying for her.

She keeps whispering, “Thank god my daughter is ok.”.

There is no way she could imagine that her daughter was the actual murder.

Celica gripped her hand in order to calm her mother, but she will only be able to hold that small hand for now.

In a few days, Celica enters a prestigious school where only nobles are permitted to enter. So, once she learns the basic education and knowledge, Celica plans to enter the military academy.

Both schools are full-boarding schools.

Of course, you may be allowed to return to your home during long holidays, but knowing her personality, who knows how many times Celica will come home before she graduates?

The elf girl will be lonely, it wouldn’t be too hard to write a letter…

Celica walks down the night road of the imperial capital with thoughts on the near and the distant future.

Due to the illumination of the full moon, and a long shadow of the mother and child could be seen.

Later, a letter was delivered to Celica ‘s house.

It was a notice of enrollment to a prestigious school in the capital.

As Celica’s mother laid eyes on the letter she frowned.

Even for her, a woman who is unaware of worldly affairs, she there is no way that her daughter would suddenly be able to enter that school.

Moreover, these words were attached to the admission notice.

[Celica Desself, due to your excellent grades, you have been accepted to our school]

Well, let’s suppose that this part is ok. Indeed, Celica does have excellent grades.

The problem is the words that follow.

[We wish you the best in not only your studies, but in being school friends with the imperial princess.]

These words were also written there.

On the next day, a large amount of money was transferred from the Empires Household Department, Celica’s mother was increasingly confused by the situation.

She asks Celica.

[Celica, what is the meaning of this?] Celica’s Mother

Celica put on her innocent girl act and answered.

[Perhaps, it is probably because of the essay I wrote caught the eyes of the imperial princess.] Celica

[Essay?] Celica’s Mother

[Yes, I wrote it at school. It was an essay honoring the Emperor. Because I won and was awarded, I think the princess saw this and wanted to become friends with me. Maybe, I’m not sure.] Celica

[I see, I see. That’s what happened. Celica never talks about what happens at school, so I was suddenly surprised by this.] Celica’s Mother

Well, there might be a need to apologize.

However, after saying this to myself while coming up with that complete lie right on the spot, I asked my mother.

[Mother, I want to go to the same school as the princess. I’d like to become school friends with her.] Celica

After her mother remained silent for a while she responded.

[It will be difficult for you to become friends with her highness because you are a commoner.] Celica’s Mother

If Celica remains in the lower district nothing will change.

People avoid the sight of her light brown skin.

That is what Celica wanted to say, but in return she replied with this.

[I, want to be a soldier. A soldier who defends this country. A soldier who protects you, Mother. In order to do this, I have to enter the military academy. Please, let me be at the side of the princess.] Celica

[……Celica.] Celica’s Mother

After long silence in thought, her mother permitted Celica to become the princess’s school friend.

Her mother gave her consent to Celica to become a soldier in the future.

She seems to have wanted her daughter to live an ordinary life, to become a maid of a noble family, to have a happy marriage, to live a life without any disturbance. But maybe Celica’s mother may have realized.

Her daughter’s exceptional talents.

Her eyes that hold an ambitious light in them.

Her daughter is still only nine years old, but it maybe it’s time for Celica to be more independent.

Celica’s mother, who realized so, strongly hugged Celica and said.

[Please do not inconvenience the Princess. And make sure to write a letter every now and then.] Celica’s Mother

Celica’s Mother wished for her daughter’s successful career.




CH 8 – “A Handshake Bathed in Blood” – Reincarnated as a Dark Elf ~The strongest magician conquers a parallel world~

(TL Note: Once again the problem with 1st and 3rd person pov rears its ugly head. I’m going to try and keep it 3rd person unless the author actually uses the pronoun “I” when it comes to text that is not a conversation. Pray for my soul.)

Well, I’ve killed the lowlifes, now what should I do?
Of course, meeting the Princess, become acquainted with her, and landing into her good graces would be the best course of action.

Or, that was the main reason behind infiltrating the party, and why Celica is straddling such a big sword.

Then she should quickly land and greet the Princess, but she is hesitating.

Of course, there is no change in plan to the Princess accommodate Celica while taking advantage of the many conveniences that the position brings. Celica is worrying on just how she is going to accomplish this?

A dagger was held in the hands of the Princess.
It is not directed to Celica.
Neither is it directed towards the attackers.
That blade was directed to the Princess herself.
During the battle, the Princess constantly placed the blade against her own throat.
If she were to be captured and humiliated by the attackers, then she intended to bravely take her own life.
What a scrappy young lady.
However, it is not something to be happy over.

The image Celica had of Lunelize was that of a gentle girl, or a ditzy girl.

During the day, she grows roses in the palace’s greenhouse and at night she relaxes in an easy chair while doing embroidery. This was Celica’s image of Lunelize.

―― At least that is the image Celica had after acquiring information from the newspaper and other sources.
But, if you actually meet the Princess, there are no girls from good families who are as dignified as her.
Here is a dignified Princess who if she is to be disgraced and humiliated would rather take her own life.

Celica is now greatly questioning whether the Princess will obey her if Celica were to use her strength to threaten her.

(But, all I can do is try.)

Coming this far and doing nothing is not an option.
Celica will make the Princess yield to her with her mighty magical power in the future.
If in that process the Princess takes her own life, then it cannot be helped.
It just means that there was no “fate” between them.
As Celica told herself this, she flew down and landed.
She then stood in front of the Princess.

The man wearing a butler’s uniform stands in between them saying,
[Your Highness, leave this to me, so please retreat.] Butler

He is quite courageous. Even after seeing the scene of slaughter earlier, he is not showing any signs of being afraid.

Although he is a loyal and brave gentleman, he is in the way.
Let’s have him die, the moment Celica thought this and sent magical power into the sword, Lunelize stepped forward and stopped the butler.

[Sebas, you surely saw the power of this person. Even a master gunner such as yourself cannot defeat her.] Lunelize
(TL Note: We have another butler named Sebas. I wonder if her likes skeletons too.)

She continued.

[This person protected us from the attackers. we do not know what their “final objective” is, but we should give our thanks for helping us.] Lunelize

And while deeply lowering her head she said,

[Thank you very much. I do not know who you are or where you came from, but I thank you for saving us from this predicament.] Lunelize

What a splendid show of gratitude.
It was not a show, so she could save face, but an honest show of gratitude from the bottom of her heart.

If Celica was just a normal girl, she would probably yield to the Princess on the spot and swear loyalty to her. This is how dignified Lunelize was at that time. But unfortunately, Celica was not an ordinary girl.

Celica thought the person who should yield and swear loyalty isn’t Celica but the Princess.
That is why Celica spoke without reservation and said.

[Your Highness, it is the first time I am making your acquaintance. My name is Celica Desself.] Celica

[I have never heard of your name. With the ability to use a treasured sword, are you by the daughter of some noble.] Lunelize

[No, I am not someone of such importance. I am just the daughter of a low-level official.
―― Well, let’s just leave it at that. Explaining my background, can come after we finalize the contract.] Celica

[Contract?] Lunelize

[Yes, the contract that will tie the two of us.] Lunelize

[Contract? Little girl!! Do you any Idea of the person to whom you are speaking with?] Sebas

The one who had a sudden outburst of anger was the butler Sebas.
Since he was being noisy I moved to silence him, but Lunelize beat me to the punch.

[Sebas, please keep quiet for a while. I want to talk to this person until the end.] Lunelize

[…………] Sebas

Sebas fell silent. His life has been saved.

[A smart choice, Sebas. By the way, I know who this person is. She is the Fourth Imperial Princess Lunelize. I knew as I was saving but regardless of this I took an oppressive stance when negotiating with the Princess. As to why I did this, I intend to have you come under my control.] Celica (TL Note: So, this phrase under your control can also mean slavery and subordination. Due to how the story will progress from here I wanted to avoid using the word slavery. But if the story changes I will update all future uses of this term.)

[Under your control?] Lunelize

[I will have you become someone who will follow everything I say.] Celica

[Why must I meet such a fate?] Lunelize

[For the sake of my career and the future of this county.] Celica

[The future of this country?] Lunelize

[You also saw what just occurred. Sleazebags who wanted to attack a young girl in order to push the Emperor to start a war with a neighboring country. Lowlifes who enjoy a one-sided a massacre and defile women. There are people many people like this in the upper echelons of this country. I wish to clean them out with one fell swoop.] Celica

[Is there any guarantee that if after you’ve come into power you won’t become corrupt as well.] Lunelize

[There is none. That is why I want power in order to confirm if that will happen.] Celica

[…I understand. I shall pledge myself to be under your control.] Lunelize

[It is true to one needs courage to submit to the control of someone else. Let alone the fact that you are royalty, I’m sure your self-respect won’t allow for you to be ordered around by a commoner. But, even then I…] Celica

Then my words were stopped mid-sentence.
Celica felt that the Princess said something outrageous before she started her speech.
Celica asks her to say those words one more time.

[I said I understand. From today I will be under your control.] Lunelize

[…………] Celica

[Do you find it hard to believe?] Lunelize

[Yes, I cannot believe it. You accepted all of this too quickly. I cannot believe that a prideful princess who is willing to take her own life would readily yield to a commoner.] Celica

[There is no such thing as a commoner or a noble when it comes to changing the world. You said that you will change this world. And you have the power to change this world. That is enough for me now.] Lunelize

[……What a strange princess.] Celica

[I am often told that.] Lunelize

[But, I can’t trust you with just words alone. I want a symbol of our contract.] Celica

As Celica said this, Lunelize opened her dress and exposed her chest.
(TL Note: I went with chest instead of breasts because both girls here are still like 8 years old. So that would be weird.)

The butler tried to stop her, but she would not quit.
Lunelize inscribed a seal on her bare chest with a dagger.
From the chest where the magic square was engraved, an almost endless amount of blood was flowing.
(TL Note: The author actually wrote 魔方陣 which means magic square.)

[If you are a magician then you should know what this is. If you place curse on a seal you wrote with your own will, a strong restriction will be placed. Now please place the restriction.] Lunelize

[Are you okay with this?] Celica

Celica asks in order to confirm what’s happening.

[Yes, I do not mind.] Lunelize

[Well then, I shall place the restriction.] Celica

Celica touches her chest and sends magical power into the seal.
Her heart shined with a pale light.

[―― The contents of the constraint is a curse where if I tell you to die then you will die. In short, I hold the rights to whether Your Highness lives or dies.] Celica

[Well that is quite a lot. With this I will not be able to betray you.] Lunelize

[Yes, if you betray me, you will die. By the way it is useless to pretend to obey me. I can read a person’s heart. If you lie, I will immediately see through it.] Celica

Celica used the abilities she received from God.
The ability to confirm any hostility someone holds towards her.
A dubious light fills Celica’s magic eyes.

The answer given by her magic eyes is led by that demon was that the girl named Imperial Princess Lunelize was dressed.

Her body was wrapped in a white aura.
That is to say Lunelize is friendly towards Celica.
This girl, perfectly trusts Celica even though they just met.
Just what is this girl made of?
As Celica thought this, she didn’t put her thoughts to words. All she did was stretch out her hand and said.

[Now then Your Highness, I look forward to your accommodations from now on. In order to reform this rotten country.] Celica

It is my pleasure to count myself on your side. But as long as you are the ideal witch.] Lunelize

With this the alliance between the Witch and the Princess was quietly formed.

With this handshake bathed in blood, the fate of the empire changed drastically. But this event was never mentioned in any history book.




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