Shingan no Yuusha-Prologue 2


Several Days Later.

I was home today as well, not attending school. Today would be the same old boring day again, that is how I spent my day. But, an unexpected event happened.

As I was reading a manga in my room, suddenly a bright light appeared above my head. As I looked up to the ceiling, a magic circle with a geometric pattern design appeared above my head. I was speechless.
Then the next second my consciousness began to fade……and I sank into darkness.

When I awoke, I was in a building I’ve never seen before. This wide building’s floor, walls, and ceiling were all made of white marble. It looks like the inside of an ancient greek or roman temple that I saw in a movie a long time ago.

And to add to the surprises there was a shockingly beautiful woman in her 20’s who was standing in front of me. And she was wearing clothes that looked like the garments of a greek goddess. She is a true beauty with blond hair and azure eyes. She was just as beautiful as a goddess.

She was surrounded by something like an awe-inspiring majestic aura; it seemed godly.
And now that I am looking carefully, the woman in front of me is floating several centimeters off the ground.

—-Am I dreaming right now?

[……It seems, I have failed again.] Woman

As the beautiful woman looked down upon me, she said this in an unpleasant tone. She looked at me was if she was looking at something that bored her.

[W,Who are you? And what is this place?] Makoto

Even though I was flustered I was able to ask this question.

[I am the Goddess who rules over Time and Space, Astena. Also from your perspective this is a parallel world. The name of this word is Manastasia. I am the one that summoned you.] Astena

G,Goddess…parallel world…summon…? I must be dreaming. There is no mistake.

[In order to increase my influence, I intended to summon someone with the strength of a hero or at least someone who has the qualities to become a hero. …But once again I summoned a dud of a human.] Astena

The Goddess Astena said this while sighing and shaking her head.
Hasn’t she been insulting me for a while now?

[Your base stats are somewhat better than the original inhabitants of this world. But that’s it. If you don’t also have a special ability, then there is no way you would have military tactics. To say nothing of the fact that your soul’s glow is dull. There is no way you could become a hero or a great man of valor.] Astena

[………] Makoto

[Garbage like you is unnecessary. Not a chance.] Astena

Her last words stabbed me in my chest.
If I am called garbage then I can’t complain. But to be called unnecessary and not having a chance really shocked me.

[……Ok. If that is the case then please send me back to my world.] Makoto

I said this as while pouting.

[Sadly, I cannot grant your request.] Astena

[W,What?] Makoto

[Summoning someone from a parallel world expends a considerable amount of power, even for myself the Goddess of Time and Space. The power it takes to return someone to a parallel world is even greater. More importantly, I have no power to use for such garbage as yourself.] Astena

So, you summon me without my consent and now you won’t send me back home?

[T,That’s bullshi…] Makoto

[You are an eyesore. Away with you, garbage.] Astena

Before I could raise my voice in objection, the goddess Astena shook her hand.
In an instant, the scenery in front of me distorted. And my consciousness once again sunk into darkness.



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  1. I found another bug goddess. Now it is time to end these gods/goddesses. Filthy deities that bring god plot but can not be accepted should die in their novels, no matter what.

    1. ageed. i dunno why did i hate goddesses after reading the shield bro. maybe its because of that shitty god too

  2. Thanks for the Chapter~~~!

    Is… Is that a cockroach?! Away! Away with you! Where’s that bug repellent when I need it?!

  3. If this is Hero Union BBS

    Thread Name: Those gods and goddess are bugs.

    OP: she summoned me and called me ugly and won’t accept responsiblility.

    Misumi Makoto :So sad. The one I met is a bug goddess that literally drop me in the wilderland.

    ShieldHero: mine tormened me in her human incarnation. Just look at the rest of the heroes. SpearHero from a white knight to a woman hater.

    Kumoko: how awful, just eat them up. BTW , don’t to call them bugs is insult to bugs .

    Van: Mine mess up my reincarnations and cursed my current incarnation. I am too busy to bother but if they show up with hostility I will destroy their souls.


    Tsuyoshi: *place offering of deluxe chocolates and high end sweets* Dear Ninril, please don’t change.

    Ninril: I don’t know what is happening but this chocolates are deelllicciious.

    1. Seems people keep asking so I will tell where they comes from.
      OP this novel
      Misumi Makoto=tsuki ga michibiku
      ShieldHero= tate no yuusha
      Kumoko= i am a spider so what
      Van=death mage doesn’t want a fourth time
      Tsuyoshi=Tondemo skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

  4. Thx for translating this novel

    i search everywhere when the manga comes out but not one translating this novel, i hope you continue translating shingan no yuusha

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