CH 1 – “Goddess Liana” – Shingan no Yuusha

(TL Note: The MC questions himself A LOT and there are a lot of sentences that repeat themselves. So, I am trying to add to it, so the text makes sense without changing the meaning. Also, this chapter was a pain. But what’s new.)

There are two moons.
There is a horse with wings flying in the sky, is that what you would call a Pegasus?
So, this is truly…a parallel world.

The next time I awoke, the evening sun that was burning in the sky had flew into my sight. In the dusk sky, you could see the thin outlines of the two moons and a herd of Pegasus flying in the sky.
It seems I am laying down in some unknown field of a parallel world.
Was I thrown in this field by that selfish goddess, Astena?
I pinched my cheek……yeah, it hurts.
If I feel pain, then—-t,then this isn’t a dream?
As I started to realize this is real, I started to panic. I don’t know what to do now. I’m so nervous I can’t stand it. Even if I wait around I doubt the situation will improve. That’s why I decided to travel until I reach a place with people.
Luckily, there was a road nearby. If I follow this road, I might reach a village or town.
In the meantime, I decided to walk in the direction of the setting sun.
—-After walking for 30 minutes, there was someone crouching down on the side of the road.
It was an old woman. On top of that she looked very dirty. After looking closely, she has her eyes closed. I doubt if she is sleeping.
I was confused if I should call out to her or not.
I do want to ask her if I keep going on this road will I reach a town with people in it?
But for a guy like myself who has communication phobia finds it difficult to talk to someone I don’t know.
Also, this is a parallel world. There is the worry of “not knowing the language”.
But, before I could decide whether or not to call out to her, the old woman called out to me first.

[Hello…the person over there.] Old woman

I stopped several steps away from the old woman. She still had her eyes closed. Is it possible, that her eyes are bad?

[Since you are walking, would you happen to be a traveler? Could you find it in your heart to spare some food for this poor blind old woman…I haven’t eaten for 2 days. I’m so hungry I feel like I’m going to die.] Old woman

The old woman begged for food from me in a voice that invites pity.
Food…huh. I check the pockets of the track suit that I’m wearing. I found the box of calorie mate I had planned on eating later. It’s the type that has 4 pieces in one box. (TL Note: calorie mate is this weird meal replacement biscuit in japan. Imagine a dry, crumby cookie in a stick shape. It has a weird taste, but it’s not bad.)
Is it a good idea to give this blind old woman my calorie mate?
I’m in a situation where I don’t know how long it will take to walk to a town or a village? Should I give a complete stranger my precious food supply……?
I’m at a lost as to what to do.
I was hesitant…but in the end, I gave her half of the box.
Since she told me she hasn’t eaten anything in 2 days, as a person, I can’t just ignore this woman.
By the way, my nose is stuffy, and I can barely smell. But even with all of that, I could the smell the foul odor coming off the old woman as I handed her the calorie mate.

[Hmm, this is such delicious food. Thank you so much.] Old woman

The old woman showed her thanks as she ate the calorie mate I gave her.
Being thanked after doing a good deed isn’t a bad feeling at all.

[Uhm, Ma’am. I want to go to the nearest village or town. Will I reach a town if I keep going this way on this road?] Makoto

[Yes, if you walk for half a day you will reach a small town called Rua.] Old woman

I was depressed when I heard I would still have to walk for a half a day.
It might be better to be more positive now that I know there is a town here.
But sadly, I am not a very positive person.

[Thank you for giving me directions. Well then, I will be on my way.] Makoto

I gave the old woman my regards and went to leave.

[Can you please wait a moment?] Old woman

As the old woman called out, I turned around.

[Actually, I was heading to Rua myself. While I was traveling I injured my legs and I couldn’t move. While I was panicking, the sun had already set……I am truly, truly sorry for this, but could you please find it in your heart to carry me to town?] Old woman

The old woman asked me in a depending tone.
……What should I do?
The old woman looks light, but carrying someone om my back for half a day would be tough.
Also, and I know this is bad of me to say, but the old woman looks so filthy. Carrying this old woman while walking a half a day is just…

[Please. I will die here in the wild. Please I beg for mercy. I beg you. I beg you.] Old woman

In the end, I couldn’t abandon the old woman, so I carried her. If I abandoned her and if she really dies, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.
I walked for 30 minutes while carrying the old woman.

[Thank you so much… You are a real lifesaver.] Old woman

The old woman was grateful as she thanked me again and again.
As I carried her, I also spoke to her.

[Ho ho, you were summoned from a place called earth by the Goddess Astena, huh. But, she deemed you to be useless and threw you into a field… Honestly, what a horrible person.] Old woman

As I told the old woman what happened, she immediately believed me.
According to the old woman’s story, in this world there are “Goddesses” as well as beings called “Gods”. They regularly show themselves in front of people.
It seems the Gods are existences that have superior powers over humans. But they seem to act arrogant, careless, and make mistakes. There seem to be some gods who enjoy competing over who has the most influence. There are many gods who love having authority and gods who love to have physical relations with humans.
They are gods that act just as humans, just like the Grecian Gods.
The Goddess Astena also has a personality that is as prideful and selfish as a bad person.
Shit. Just remembering that woman, has me upset again.
…Someday, I will pay her back for what she has done.

[Honestly, that goddess is rotten to the core. Although she has many believers and has a large amount of “power”, what a nasty woman.] Old woman

[……] Makoto

[It is true that bitch goddess is summoning humans from another world to be her disciples. Then if she summons a human who isn’t that worthwhile, she uses “teleportation” magic to throw them in some random place, just as she did to you.] Old woman

[……] Makoto

[That fucking bitch of a goddess is the worst…] Old woman

The old woman I am carrying on my back continues to curse the Goddess Astena. It’s as if she has a personal grudge against her…… I don’t know why, but the old woman’s way of talking has started to change.

Her voice seems to have changed from the raspy voice of an old woman to a youthful voice.
The horrible body smell that almost made me vomit has disappeared. Now, if anything a rose-like aroma is tickling my nasal activity. What is going on?

[It’s fine. Please let me down.] Old woman

[Huh? O,Oh.] Makoto

As I kneeled to let the old woman down. After letting the old woman down, I turned my neck to look my behind me.
Then—-I was left speechless.
Because a beautiful young woman was standing there instead of an old woman. A beautiful girl with silver hair who looks like she is in her teens.
Her right and left eyes are silver and gold in color. In short, she has odd eyes.
Her feet are also floating several inches of the ground.
The clothes she is also wearing changed from the filthy gray hemp robe she had on to what you would expect a goddess from legends to wear, pure white silk without a single mark on it.

[I am the one that governs over the “Eyes of the Gods”. The Goddess Liana.] Liana

[……] Makoto

[I am called the <God’s Eye> Goddess Liana.] Liana

The beautiful young girl who as floating in mid-air introduced herself while smiling me.

[A vacancy has appeared among my followers and I was looking for a good person. I transformed into a filthy, ugly, pitiful old woman. Because to become my follower the first condition is to have the kindness to be considerate to others and a charitable heart.] Liana

Is this silver hair, odd eyed, beautiful girl the old woman from before…?
Is she also a……goddess? She is floating in mid-air and her atmosphere is very godly. Maybe…she really is a goddess?

[These past couple of days, among the humans traveling on this road, there were only a few people who spared food to the old woman. You are truly a nice person.] Liana

[A,Ah.] Makoto

[Also, you are the first person to carry me. You are truly a kind person.] Liana

The woman that introduced herself as the Goddess Liana smiled with a grin,

[You, the kind person who has been summoned from another world. As a goddess, I shall grant you power.] Liana

[G,Grant me power?] Makoto

Being praised for my good deeds and receiving “power” from a goddess. It reminds me of the developments in the tales of heroes from Greek legends or video games and manga.
To me, this is a good deal, but she might be up to something.
I have to make sure I’m not being fooled.

[Yes, a fraction of my power as a god.] Liana

[……] Makoto

[But, depending on whether you become my follower or not, there is a big difference in the “power” you will receive.] Liana

[……] Makoto

[First, in the case of you not becoming my follower—-you will be able to see things from very far away. And in a battle, I can make sure you can fully grasp the movements of your opponent.] Liana
[……And then including my kinetic vision, only my eyesight will improve, right?] Makoto

It doesn’t seem like that great of a skill, I’m losing my motivation.

[Well, that’s about it. Humans who don’t become my follower, are not granted a strong “power”.] Liana

[Then, if I do become what you call a follower, then?] Makoto

[If you do become a follower, you will be granted an even greater “power”. Even…the <God’s Eye>.] Liana

[<God’s Eye>?] Makoto

<God’s Eye>…eyes of a god…it sounds amazing.

[If you have the <God’s Eye> you can see your status as well as the status of others. It is also possible to see the events of the past and even future events, although it is random.] Liana

[T,That’s amazing.] Makoto

[So, will you become my follower?] Liana

[Even if you ask me right out of the blue like that. Just what exactly is…a follower?] Makoto

I am wary of it being slavery-like subordination.

[Among the Gods and Goddesses, there are many different conditions.] Liana

[……] Makoto

[By the way, I am of the belief that a god should not recklessly interfere in the fate of humans. That is why I do not put strict restrictions on my own followers. To live freely, and enjoy one’s fate is best.] Liana

[……] Makoto

[If you happen to do anything heroic, I would like for you to tell others that you are my follower.] Liana

Even if I become a follower or the like, it doesn’t seem like I will be forced to work.
And, there doesn’t seem to be any demerits…

[It seems you are at lost as to what to do. That’s fine, I have a suggestion.] Liana

The Goddess Liana showed one finger and,

[How about becoming a temporary follower for one month. During that time, I will lend you the power of the <God’s Eye>.] Liana

[Temporary?] Makoto

[Yes, a temporary follower. Even for me, choosing someone to be a follower solely on their personality is out of the question. This is also I can evaluate you with my “eyes”, ok.] Liana

Is it something like a trial period?
After thinking about it for a bit. I agreed to become a temporary follower. I am interested in the amazing power called <God’s Eye>. I also believe that the woman in front of me isn’t a bad person.

[Now please close your right eye.] Liana

The Goddess Liana asked me to close my eye, and I honestly followed her instructions.
With her beautiful hand, she softly touched my closed right eye.

[With this, your right eye now has the power of the <God’s Eye> within it. That’s right…to start with try strongly wishing to see your own status.] Liana

I did as I was told.


A half transparent frame appeared in front of me.
This is…a “status screen” or something of the like that you would normally see in computer games.
Inside of this frame my, Makoto Maruta, status info is,

Name: Makoto Maruta
Race: Human
Age: 17 years old
Strength: 20 Dexterity: 16 Agility: 16 Intelligence: 20 Vitality: 20 Mind: 20 Magic: 20
Job: No Job (Level 0)
Skill: God’s Eye
Acquired Magic: None
Soul Rank: 1

Even though my abilities have been quantified, I have no idea if this is good or bad.

[For normal humans, strength, dexterity, and magic are usually around 10. For someone with 20, your abilities are much more superior than a normal person’s.] Liana

The Goddess Liana told me about my status, as if she could read my hind.

[Going by the numbers, the average of my abilities is closer to 20 than 10….] Makoto

That’s strange.
I have no confidence in myself. I thought my skills would be below average. Even if my strength and Intelligence are at normal human standards, I am aware that I am a slow, bumbling person.
There is no way my abilities, status, are this high.

[Your base stats are quite something. Strength like yours only shows up in 1 in a 1000 people.] Liana

[Do I really have the strength that appears in 1 in a 1000 people? In my previous world, I was a human who was below average.] Makoto

[That fucking bitch of time and space Goddess Astena summons people who have higher stats than the people of this world. But it seems that whoever is someone from that parallel world is chosen at random.] Liana

A normal person from earth may have stats equal if not greater than mine. Then, if someone who is below average from earth like me, that person is considered excellent here.
……This is might be a good world after all.
This might be an amazing world for me.

[If you want details on the specifics of your stats, then just wish for it and you can discover some extra information about it.] Liana

Is it like a help function?

[So…. there are some things I must take care of, I need to return to heaven. I will make sure to check on how you are doing occasionally with my <God’s Eye> from heaven.] Liana

[Huh? Wait..please wait a moment.] Makoto

I called out and stopped the Goddess Liana as she was floating high and heading toward the heavens.

[Can you please use your power and send me back to my old world?] Makoto
On top of my stats being good, if it’s this world I may achieve a lot. This might be a world that’s perfect for me.
But still……I wanted to go back to earth.
Because earth is where my “family” is, that’s including my sister.
That’s why…

[I am sorry to say this, but I don’t have the “power” to send you back to your original world…. I’m sorry.] Liana

The Goddess Liana ascended to Heaven.
Since I was left by myself, I had no choice but to walk by myself and continue to the town I was told about.
But, why did all of this happen to me.
I, who lived a boring life, did wish to be summoned to another world as a hero. By performing heroic acts in another word, I wanted to be thought of as a necessary person by the people around me.
It is true that I imagined and wished to be summoned to another world.
But……my current situation is completely different from what I imagined.
I did not want to be deemed useless the moment I was summoned. I did not want to be looked down upon and be thrown away like an unwanted item.
I remember the cold stare the Goddess of time and space Astena gave me.
Those scornful eyes as if looking at garbage.

[……Dammit.] Makoto

I’m just becoming more and more depressed.
Besides the “Goddess of space and time Astena” who decided I was unnecessary. I met another goddess called the “God’s Eye Goddess Liana”.
And it seems I have received the special power <God’s Eye> from the Goddess Liana.
To receive a power from a god or goddess…I think this is amazing.
It just like the main character from a hero story.
This the hero story where I am the main star. Yeah, there is no doubt. I’m sure that’s right. Let’s just think that way.
Because…. if I don’t I won’t be able to stand it.
If I don’t think this way, I will be crushed by all of my own negative thoughts.
But, it seems that if I’m in this world then, my base abilities are quite good. Even though I’m very nervous I might be able to survive somehow. No, I will survive.

[Dying out here in the wild…no thanks.] Makoto

I have been summoned by a goddess to another world, so I should be a protagonist.
Because of that, I won’t die so easily. I am sure everything will be fine. As I was thinking on this, I somehow set forward with heavy steps and continued walking.
Because, if I didn’t think that way, I would break down right there in the middle of the road.




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