CH 9 – “Academy Enrollment” – Reincarnated as a Dark Elf ~The strongest magician conquers a parallel world

Celica made a private alliance with Lunelize and returned to the Dreahit family right after.

In order to return the large sword, she is riding.

When she got back to the mansion, as expected, the mansion was in an uproar.

The Dreahit family was in a horrible mood after finding a bloody corpse in the men’s restroom. Having a murder occur on a beautiful wedding is a bad omen.

The people are in a rage to search suspects.

Of course, an adorable 9-year-old girl was never questioned.

Meanwhile, Celica waited for the chance to come so she could return the large sword back to its original place.

Then the aristocrats and soldiers who planned to assassinate Lunelize were arrested.

Celica confirmed the moment that the clock in the hall was pointing at 12 o’clock the presence of soldiers hastily entering from the entrance.

The soldiers push the local police who are inspecting the corpse and capture the criminals who were bragging on the balcony earlier.

The criminals screamed out what family they are from, what high nobles are backing them, and making threats of what would happen if the lay their hands on them. But once they heard the princess was still alive they resigned themselves to their fate.

They criminals quietly let themselves be tied up.

Incidentally, it was Celica who informed the authorities about the ringleaders of the imperial princess’s assassination attempt.

There was nothing in the way of evidence, but since they are the perpetrators, she told them if they captured the ringleaders they were sure to find some evidence.

In fact, according to interrogation, the men confessed, from the movement of money in their accounts to kidnappers they hired, everything was revealed.

Thusly, the case of the attempted kidnapping of the Imperial princess formally came to a close.

All the ringleaders were arrested, there was an internal dispute and one of them had their throat cut in the bathroom. That is what the story became.

But, the real culprit, this country’s “prime minister”’ of this country escaped capture.

He was cautious and one could not arrest the prime minister of the Empire without any evidence.

The Prime Minister of this country, depending on the circumstances, has more power than the Emperor. And now it is one of those circumstances.

Compared to Emperor Lambert who is sick and bedridden, the Prime Minister Elric holds more power.

Even if he is the mastermind behind attempted assassination of the royal family, the law of the land cannot touch him. In order to knockdown Elric, one would need a lot of power for that.

[In order to do it, I will need to acquire more power.] Celica

As Celica whispered this to herself, she left behind the bustling mansion.

On the way home, my mother’s hands were trembling.

I guess the murder case was terrifying for her.

She keeps whispering, “Thank god my daughter is ok.”.

There is no way she could imagine that her daughter was the actual murder.

Celica gripped her hand in order to calm her mother, but she will only be able to hold that small hand for now.

In a few days, Celica enters a prestigious school where only nobles are permitted to enter. So, once she learns the basic education and knowledge, Celica plans to enter the military academy.

Both schools are full-boarding schools.

Of course, you may be allowed to return to your home during long holidays, but knowing her personality, who knows how many times Celica will come home before she graduates?

The elf girl will be lonely, it wouldn’t be too hard to write a letter…

Celica walks down the night road of the imperial capital with thoughts on the near and the distant future.

Due to the illumination of the full moon, and a long shadow of the mother and child could be seen.

Later, a letter was delivered to Celica ‘s house.

It was a notice of enrollment to a prestigious school in the capital.

As Celica’s mother laid eyes on the letter she frowned.

Even for her, a woman who is unaware of worldly affairs, she there is no way that her daughter would suddenly be able to enter that school.

Moreover, these words were attached to the admission notice.

[Celica Desself, due to your excellent grades, you have been accepted to our school]

Well, let’s suppose that this part is ok. Indeed, Celica does have excellent grades.

The problem is the words that follow.

[We wish you the best in not only your studies, but in being school friends with the imperial princess.]

These words were also written there.

On the next day, a large amount of money was transferred from the Empires Household Department, Celica’s mother was increasingly confused by the situation.

She asks Celica.

[Celica, what is the meaning of this?] Celica’s Mother

Celica put on her innocent girl act and answered.

[Perhaps, it is probably because of the essay I wrote caught the eyes of the imperial princess.] Celica

[Essay?] Celica’s Mother

[Yes, I wrote it at school. It was an essay honoring the Emperor. Because I won and was awarded, I think the princess saw this and wanted to become friends with me. Maybe, I’m not sure.] Celica

[I see, I see. That’s what happened. Celica never talks about what happens at school, so I was suddenly surprised by this.] Celica’s Mother

Well, there might be a need to apologize.

However, after saying this to myself while coming up with that complete lie right on the spot, I asked my mother.

[Mother, I want to go to the same school as the princess. I’d like to become school friends with her.] Celica

After her mother remained silent for a while she responded.

[It will be difficult for you to become friends with her highness because you are a commoner.] Celica’s Mother

If Celica remains in the lower district nothing will change.

People avoid the sight of her light brown skin.

That is what Celica wanted to say, but in return she replied with this.

[I, want to be a soldier. A soldier who defends this country. A soldier who protects you, Mother. In order to do this, I have to enter the military academy. Please, let me be at the side of the princess.] Celica

[……Celica.] Celica’s Mother

After long silence in thought, her mother permitted Celica to become the princess’s school friend.

Her mother gave her consent to Celica to become a soldier in the future.

She seems to have wanted her daughter to live an ordinary life, to become a maid of a noble family, to have a happy marriage, to live a life without any disturbance. But maybe Celica’s mother may have realized.

Her daughter’s exceptional talents.

Her eyes that hold an ambitious light in them.

Her daughter is still only nine years old, but it maybe it’s time for Celica to be more independent.

Celica’s mother, who realized so, strongly hugged Celica and said.

[Please do not inconvenience the Princess. And make sure to write a letter every now and then.] Celica’s Mother

Celica’s Mother wished for her daughter’s successful career.




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