CH 8 – “A Handshake Bathed in Blood” – Reincarnated as a Dark Elf ~The strongest magician conquers a parallel world~

(TL Note: Once again the problem with 1st and 3rd person pov rears its ugly head. I’m going to try and keep it 3rd person unless the author actually uses the pronoun “I” when it comes to text that is not a conversation. Pray for my soul.)

Well, I’ve killed the lowlifes, now what should I do?
Of course, meeting the Princess, become acquainted with her, and landing into her good graces would be the best course of action.

Or, that was the main reason behind infiltrating the party, and why Celica is straddling such a big sword.

Then she should quickly land and greet the Princess, but she is hesitating.

Of course, there is no change in plan to the Princess accommodate Celica while taking advantage of the many conveniences that the position brings. Celica is worrying on just how she is going to accomplish this?

A dagger was held in the hands of the Princess.
It is not directed to Celica.
Neither is it directed towards the attackers.
That blade was directed to the Princess herself.
During the battle, the Princess constantly placed the blade against her own throat.
If she were to be captured and humiliated by the attackers, then she intended to bravely take her own life.
What a scrappy young lady.
However, it is not something to be happy over.

The image Celica had of Lunelize was that of a gentle girl, or a ditzy girl.

During the day, she grows roses in the palace’s greenhouse and at night she relaxes in an easy chair while doing embroidery. This was Celica’s image of Lunelize.

―― At least that is the image Celica had after acquiring information from the newspaper and other sources.
But, if you actually meet the Princess, there are no girls from good families who are as dignified as her.
Here is a dignified Princess who if she is to be disgraced and humiliated would rather take her own life.

Celica is now greatly questioning whether the Princess will obey her if Celica were to use her strength to threaten her.

(But, all I can do is try.)

Coming this far and doing nothing is not an option.
Celica will make the Princess yield to her with her mighty magical power in the future.
If in that process the Princess takes her own life, then it cannot be helped.
It just means that there was no “fate” between them.
As Celica told herself this, she flew down and landed.
She then stood in front of the Princess.

The man wearing a butler’s uniform stands in between them saying,
[Your Highness, leave this to me, so please retreat.] Butler

He is quite courageous. Even after seeing the scene of slaughter earlier, he is not showing any signs of being afraid.

Although he is a loyal and brave gentleman, he is in the way.
Let’s have him die, the moment Celica thought this and sent magical power into the sword, Lunelize stepped forward and stopped the butler.

[Sebas, you surely saw the power of this person. Even a master gunner such as yourself cannot defeat her.] Lunelize
(TL Note: We have another butler named Sebas. I wonder if her likes skeletons too.)

She continued.

[This person protected us from the attackers. we do not know what their “final objective” is, but we should give our thanks for helping us.] Lunelize

And while deeply lowering her head she said,

[Thank you very much. I do not know who you are or where you came from, but I thank you for saving us from this predicament.] Lunelize

What a splendid show of gratitude.
It was not a show, so she could save face, but an honest show of gratitude from the bottom of her heart.

If Celica was just a normal girl, she would probably yield to the Princess on the spot and swear loyalty to her. This is how dignified Lunelize was at that time. But unfortunately, Celica was not an ordinary girl.

Celica thought the person who should yield and swear loyalty isn’t Celica but the Princess.
That is why Celica spoke without reservation and said.

[Your Highness, it is the first time I am making your acquaintance. My name is Celica Desself.] Celica

[I have never heard of your name. With the ability to use a treasured sword, are you by the daughter of some noble.] Lunelize

[No, I am not someone of such importance. I am just the daughter of a low-level official.
―― Well, let’s just leave it at that. Explaining my background, can come after we finalize the contract.] Celica

[Contract?] Lunelize

[Yes, the contract that will tie the two of us.] Lunelize

[Contract? Little girl!! Do you any Idea of the person to whom you are speaking with?] Sebas

The one who had a sudden outburst of anger was the butler Sebas.
Since he was being noisy I moved to silence him, but Lunelize beat me to the punch.

[Sebas, please keep quiet for a while. I want to talk to this person until the end.] Lunelize

[…………] Sebas

Sebas fell silent. His life has been saved.

[A smart choice, Sebas. By the way, I know who this person is. She is the Fourth Imperial Princess Lunelize. I knew as I was saving but regardless of this I took an oppressive stance when negotiating with the Princess. As to why I did this, I intend to have you come under my control.] Celica (TL Note: So, this phrase under your control can also mean slavery and subordination. Due to how the story will progress from here I wanted to avoid using the word slavery. But if the story changes I will update all future uses of this term.)

[Under your control?] Lunelize

[I will have you become someone who will follow everything I say.] Celica

[Why must I meet such a fate?] Lunelize

[For the sake of my career and the future of this county.] Celica

[The future of this country?] Lunelize

[You also saw what just occurred. Sleazebags who wanted to attack a young girl in order to push the Emperor to start a war with a neighboring country. Lowlifes who enjoy a one-sided a massacre and defile women. There are people many people like this in the upper echelons of this country. I wish to clean them out with one fell swoop.] Celica

[Is there any guarantee that if after you’ve come into power you won’t become corrupt as well.] Lunelize

[There is none. That is why I want power in order to confirm if that will happen.] Celica

[…I understand. I shall pledge myself to be under your control.] Lunelize

[It is true to one needs courage to submit to the control of someone else. Let alone the fact that you are royalty, I’m sure your self-respect won’t allow for you to be ordered around by a commoner. But, even then I…] Celica

Then my words were stopped mid-sentence.
Celica felt that the Princess said something outrageous before she started her speech.
Celica asks her to say those words one more time.

[I said I understand. From today I will be under your control.] Lunelize

[…………] Celica

[Do you find it hard to believe?] Lunelize

[Yes, I cannot believe it. You accepted all of this too quickly. I cannot believe that a prideful princess who is willing to take her own life would readily yield to a commoner.] Celica

[There is no such thing as a commoner or a noble when it comes to changing the world. You said that you will change this world. And you have the power to change this world. That is enough for me now.] Lunelize

[……What a strange princess.] Celica

[I am often told that.] Lunelize

[But, I can’t trust you with just words alone. I want a symbol of our contract.] Celica

As Celica said this, Lunelize opened her dress and exposed her chest.
(TL Note: I went with chest instead of breasts because both girls here are still like 8 years old. So that would be weird.)

The butler tried to stop her, but she would not quit.
Lunelize inscribed a seal on her bare chest with a dagger.
From the chest where the magic square was engraved, an almost endless amount of blood was flowing.
(TL Note: The author actually wrote 魔方陣 which means magic square.)

[If you are a magician then you should know what this is. If you place curse on a seal you wrote with your own will, a strong restriction will be placed. Now please place the restriction.] Lunelize

[Are you okay with this?] Celica

Celica asks in order to confirm what’s happening.

[Yes, I do not mind.] Lunelize

[Well then, I shall place the restriction.] Celica

Celica touches her chest and sends magical power into the seal.
Her heart shined with a pale light.

[―― The contents of the constraint is a curse where if I tell you to die then you will die. In short, I hold the rights to whether Your Highness lives or dies.] Celica

[Well that is quite a lot. With this I will not be able to betray you.] Lunelize

[Yes, if you betray me, you will die. By the way it is useless to pretend to obey me. I can read a person’s heart. If you lie, I will immediately see through it.] Celica

Celica used the abilities she received from God.
The ability to confirm any hostility someone holds towards her.
A dubious light fills Celica’s magic eyes.

The answer given by her magic eyes is led by that demon was that the girl named Imperial Princess Lunelize was dressed.

Her body was wrapped in a white aura.
That is to say Lunelize is friendly towards Celica.
This girl, perfectly trusts Celica even though they just met.
Just what is this girl made of?
As Celica thought this, she didn’t put her thoughts to words. All she did was stretch out her hand and said.

[Now then Your Highness, I look forward to your accommodations from now on. In order to reform this rotten country.] Celica

It is my pleasure to count myself on your side. But as long as you are the ideal witch.] Lunelize

With this the alliance between the Witch and the Princess was quietly formed.

With this handshake bathed in blood, the fate of the empire changed drastically. But this event was never mentioned in any history book.




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