Reincarnated as a Dark Elf ~The strongest magician conquers a parallel world~Prologue 2

Prologue Reincarnation 2



As my body and soul disappeared from Earth, I was remade in a parallel world.

It was a feeling I can’t describe.

I experienced an indescribable feeling as my body turned to liquid and gas.

This must be what it feels like to be in your mother’s womb.


Now, as of this moment I have been split into the testicles of the man that will become my father and the ovaries of the woman that will become my mother. And It seems I am awaiting fertilization.


As God wished for a safe birth, like it wasn’t his business, I was asked.


[Before you are incarnated, I have something I want to ask before you get your new body.]


[Oh what. Should we talk about the birds and the bees?]


[No, nothing concerning that. I wish to know your views.]


[Then ask away. I’ll answer whatever you want.]


After reaching this point, I didn’t have the desire to resist in the least.


[By the way, I was 8 years old when I found out my parents were having sex. I don’t remember being bothered by it. When I was 13 I became aware of the opposite sex. And my first time with a woman was when I was a college student. Since then, I’ve copulated many times. Yet, I’ve never been foolish enough to sow my wild oats.]


[My thanks for the frank confession. Then allow me to ask a more delicate question.]


As this was said, God truly did ask a delicate question.


[There is a young man who has asked you for advice. He is a young boy. Even though he is poor, he has a talent for drawing. But, sadly he was unable to enter an art school. Despite this he still continued to draw. What advice would you give him?]


[I can’t answer the question with only that information.]


[That is a good response. By the way, the young boy has another talent that could be said to superior to the point of being the best among the human race.]


[Then he should focus on the other talent. Talented people should use their talents. It is a disgrace to waste talent.]


[I see. You do have a point.]


[By the way, can you tell me that young boy’s name.]


[I will tell you at the end.]


As God said this, the next question was asked.


[If you had the right to choose your own leader, out of these 3 who would you chose? Answer.]


God listed 3 people.




[His father, amassed wealth through illegal means, and built a fortune.]

Using that money, he eventually became president, and he gained the favor of the people.

Even though he was gifted, he engaged in inappropriate behavior with a woman that wasn’t his wife and cornered his lover until she died.

Also, there were rumors of dealings with the mafia and in the end, he was assassinated.

His younger brother tried to succeed in his work, but the brother was also assassinated.




[He was the poorest president in the world. He was born in a poor household and spent most of his life fighting the military regime. After becoming president, he donated most of his salary to charities, and ate what he grew from his farm. He lived a self-sufficient life. When he went abroad he would fly economy class or ride the airplanes of other countries’ presidents. Even though he was widely loved by the masses, he was unable to develop economic growth for his own country. He lost in the election for president and retired from office.]




[He was a hero who went from battlefield to battlefield as a messenger and received both rank and medals. After becoming the highest ranked influential person, he still wore the medals and ranks he received when he was a solider. With a deep knowledge of the arts, he nurtured young artists and donated to cultural development. Also, he loved animals and was a true dog lover. When it came to women he was very proper, and he never cheated before. After becoming a leader, he instituted bold economic plans the revitalized the economy of his fatherland.]


After hearing the characteristics of all of the candidates, I spoke.


[Is there a choice there? I think there is only one choice to be had.]


[Why do you think that?]


[Politics isn’t about the means but the result. In this case the candidates are limited.]


After taking a deep breath, I began to comment on the choices.


[First let’s start with candidate A, he isn’t even an option. A politician needs to be able to deal with both good and evil, but this candidate is out of the question. The public will never follow such a crafty statesman.]


[Is it desirable for a statesman to be honest and proper?]


[At least they need an amount of self-control that matches their political power.]


[Then is B no good? He was honest and proper.]


[Yes, he was honest and proper, but he lacked ability. No matter what kind of saint you are, if you don’t have ability then there is no point. Politics isn’t a competition of morals, at the end of the day it is who can make the country rich.]


[And then C?]


[Since there are only 3 choices, then naturally this is the one I choose.]


[Process of elimination?]


[Basically, but it is process of elimination in a positive sense. If there was a similar politician in Japan, then I would put forward my vote.]


By the way, can you tell me the names of these 3?

As I asked this, God told me the names of A & B.


[The name of candidate A is the 35th President of the United States of America John F. Kennedy. He was a brilliant man that avoided the collapse of the known world by overcoming the Cuban Missile Crisis, a man humanity owes much to. In his private life he took a Hollywood star as his lover and drove her to kill herself. There were also rumors of him dirtying his hands with illegal dealings.]


[I see….]


I grinned.


[The B candidate’s name is Jose Mujica. He was the President of Uruguay, a small South American country.]


[I’ve heard his name before. I believe when he came to Japan it was a big story.]


[He was a standup person, so?]


[I have no reason to disagree, but even so I would not want to choose him as a leader.]




[As I stated earlier, politics isn’t about the means but the results. Instead of a leader as pure as an angel I would rather an intelligent demon like leader.]


[Is this why you choose the C candidate?]


[Yes, at the very least he is capable.]


[By the way you spoke, it seems you know the person’s name.]


[After being told this much anyone would realize who he is. By the way, the very first question you asked me, about the young man, was about {that man}, right?]




[Honestly, don’t ask such roundabout questions. I guess that’s God for you.]


[So then, even knowing the identity of the C candidate, you would still choose him?]


[Yes, out of all the choices, he is the best politician.]


[The best politician? He massacred many people, and is a man that will forever live in infamy?]


[At the same time, he also he rebuilt Germany’s shattered economy and took back his county’s lands.]


[Depends on how you look at it???]


[God, didn’t you say you wanted me to become a dictator?]


[I did. But I didn’t say to become {Hitler}.]


[I will not become another {Hitler}. Even among dictators, there are different types.]




[There are dictators who use their power for their own benefits and there are dictators who use their power to make a better world. I will become the latter.]


[Hitler is famous for being a dictator with no self-interests.]


[Not necessarily. There are signs of him pursuing power in order to deify himself. The point is he pretended to be a meticulous dictator, but he was drunk on his own power. I will not abuse my authority for such things.]


[If you were to come into power, what would you do?]


[I would see if my beliefs are correct.]




[Yes, Absolute power corrupts absolutely. I wish to confirm if this is true.]


[After becoming a dictator, you wish to see if there is someone who won’t become drunk with power?]




[In short, just as I wished, you will become a dictator, right?]


[That is the only choice available to me, right?]


God affirmed this with an “of course.”.


[Soon your soul shall incarnate and come to life. Even though you are being born, you shall retain the memories of your previous life and be called a prodigy.]


[By the way, in this parallel world what will my social standing be? Will I be born into a noble or royal household?]


[No, you will be born into the household of a mere government worker. A lower grade government clerk. That is where you will start your life.]


[In other words, usurp power using only my intelligence, right? I couldn’t ask for anything better than that. You kill me, then revive me, you just do whatever the fuck you want.]


[If you were born into a house of influence from the very beginning, you would rise to power in no time. That would make {observing} you less interesting.]


But, as God continued.


[I will grant you power.]


[Power? Will I be able to use magic?]


[Something similar. No, it’s even more convenient than magic. I will grant you the power to see through the evil intentions of people. That kind of ability.]


[That’s a bit dull.]


[Don’t say that. I’m appraising your skills highly. With just that ability and your magical talent you will rise up to the top for sure.]


As this was said, God’s voice began to trail off.


[…It seems it’s time for us to part. Shortly, you will be born in a lower grade government clerk’s household. There is one thing I forgot to say.]


[Something you forgot to say? After coming this far?]


As I said this my voice began to fade. It seems I don’t have the luxury to complain.


[Your skin will be darkish brown, a rare sight in that world.]


I thought I would be reborn as a black person, but it seems I am mistaken.


God then said this.


[Your ears will be pointed, and your silver hair will be more beautiful than any other.]


As I opened my mouth, those words didn’t reach God. Nor did they reach my own ears.  That is why I silently listened as God dropped one last bomb.


[You will be reborn as a Dark Elf. In addition, you will be a woman. You will be discriminated against and suffer, in the face of those handicaps you will still succeed.]


[W, wait Besides reincarnation, you never said anything about becoming a woman!! I am a man. If I am to reincarnate at least make me a man!! There are male dark elves too, right?!]


As I screamed this, of course God wouldn’t listen anymore.


[Before long, you will be called the greatest dictator ever. At that time, I will appear before you once again.]


God disappeared after leaving those words.

My consciousness bubbled forth and popped, disappearing without a trace. I was incarnated and born into a parallel world.


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  1. Man… this basically nailed the type of thing I love reading… and by basically I mean pinned a bee to the bullseye…

  2. more friendly chating eh. I thought like youjou senki. creature x and protag. like cat n dog.
    not bad.
    thanks for chapter.

  3. okay this is idiotic Hitler did revitalize the economy only because before he came to power the country was run by communist. just allowing the businesses to be privatize was enough to improve their economy and even then he would heavily regulate everything and had a tendency of favoring business that towed the party line or print money to prop-up failing businesses . extensive research was done on their policies and it was determined that their economy would crash in just 5 to 10 years unfortunately the war happened which led people to have the misconception that it was a viable economy since nobody got to see the end result of such an economy.

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