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CH 3 – “Admiring Airships” – Reincarnated as a Dark Elf ~The strongest magician conquers a parallel world~

TL Note: Once again the author switches from 3rd person the 1st person like crazy.

My mother had become a widow due to a sudden fire.


As stupid as it may be she loved that man, for a while she became lifeless and some time was necessary to regain our normal lives back.


During this time, Celica played the role of a dutiful daughter.


At the very least, she hid the fact that she was a rebellious daughter who killed her own father.


Celica interacted with her mother with a smile and cheerfully comforted her.


[It’s ok. I’m fine with father being gone. Even with father gone, I will protect mother in his place.] Celica


There was no lie in those words, she had been protecting her mother from the shadows. For as long as she lives, her mother will never realize this.


When the money from the insurance, that her mother was sure had never been set up, came in she didn’t even doubt it for a second.


[This has to be a gift from God. We have to use it carefully.] Celica


With a smile appropriate for her age she said,

[…You’re right. It must be that Celica has been such a good girl that God gave us this money in order to protect you.] Mother


With that, she accepted the unnatural event as an act of God.


Honestly, this woman has no concept of doubting people.


That’s why she was wrapped up with that deadbeat, and gave birth to a devil like daughter.


Since she gave birth to me, karma wise she has to take responsibility until the very end. Until she grows up a bit more, I intend to be raised.


In order to accomplish this, I need my mother to forget that bastard and get back on her feet as soon as possible.


Celica devoted herself to supporting her, and waited for her mother to return to normal.


For her mother to calm down and to forget that deadbeat half a year was needed.


During this time, she quit her job at the factory, and she recovered at home. But now there is no need to worry. She will need to make back the amount of money she has used up until now. Although, she was never fit to work at such a severe workplace like a factory in the first place. I went around with my mother realizing and found her a comparatively easier housekeeper position.



In short, she needs to find a maid job, so I nonchalantly placed a job flyer on the table.


She worried if she would be hired, but I would not give her the time to entertain such thoughts. A good job like this will quickly be filled.


[I’m sure mother can do it. And, I want to see mother in a maid outfit.] Celica


As if giving her backside a good slap, I said this. I made her wear some clothes a noble would like and sent her off to the interview. My mother safely finished the interview and got the job. She was as giddy as a child. Honestly, what a simple girl.


As I thought this, watching the elf girl, no, my mother being happy for some reason my chest began to become itchy and I felt restless.


My mother took to the housekeeping job like a fish to water, and extended her employment there. Her pay quickly rose and was eventually promoted to the head maid position.


My mother, who was a widow, was receiving a good wage and with her daughter was able to live comfortably while affording some luxuries.


Although, with this parallel world’s culture not being that advanced, the luxuries available are limited.


On the weekends, the mother and daughter going to a cafe for a light meal was the most luxury they could afford.


Besides this, The fish and chips the mother and daughter ate was quite delicious.


I, Celica Desself, spent her early childhood years thusly.


Now, I did declare that the culture had not advanced, but allow me to further explain about this world’s culture a bit.


Since I am to live in this world from now on, I must accurately gather information about this place.


Let’s accumulate all the information I’ve gathered since I’ve become an infant. First, this is a fantasy world. It is your standard parallel world. There are humans, elves, and dwarves.


Even though there is magic, this is not a magic and sword world. No, swords still play a big part in this world, but guns have already made their appearance, and the main fighting in the battlefield is starting move from swords to guns


The cultural level of this world, if compared to my previous life, is that of right before World War 1. Tanks have yet to appear, so foot soldiers and cavalry still make up the fighting force. The stars of the battlefield are the magic soldiers, that straddle a large gun barrel and fly about in the sky.


The point is that in this world, just like my previous one, instead of the cultural level progressing the military technology has advanced in a misshapen way.


Honestly, no matter what world it is, humans are the same.


Nothing but shit.


As I thought this, I looked out of the window. There an airship was floating. That is this world’s most advanced technology. By the way, I made a promise with mother to let me ride one next week. I unknowingly was swinging my legs that were dangling from the chair excitedly. This might be proof at how much I was looking forward to it, then I recollected myself.


[Even though I am not a little girl, why am I happy about such a thing.] Celica


In the end, I am only riding an airship to measure the level of culture of this world. As I tell myself this, I can’t seem to calm my restless heart.



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