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CH 2 – “Patricide” – Reincarnated as a Dark Elf ~The strongest magician conquers a parallel world~

Author’s Note: this story will be told in the 3rd person.

Translator’s Note: The author switched from 3rd person to 1st person so much I had a hard time translating this. So, for the sake of my sanity I will be switching between the two throughout this chapter.

I will punish my father.

That was a decision I swore to when I was a baby and now that I am a young child this has not changed.

By chance, if he had made up with my mother or had any sliver of goodness left in him, but after waiting 4 years my father did not reform.

No, in fact my father’s domestic violence worsened. With an increase in the amount he drank, the times when my once beautiful mother wasn’t covered in bruises became few and far between. This can no longer be left unattended. This is what I thought. This wasn’t just for my mother but also for myself. Being left in this kind of environment there is no way my future plans of conquest will come to fruition. I have to do something about the dangers surrounding me. Since my father would barely work, my mother left the house to work in his place. At these times, my father would be home drowning in liquor. He gathered his gambling friends and drank at home.

That alone necessitates a death sentence, yet among his gambling friends a pedophile seems to have snuck in, I have no other choice now.

That disgusting perverted bastard has set his eyes on Celica Desself, the young girl who is growing more beautiful day by day, in other words me.

He is looking at me in a lustful way. It is truly repulsive. And the thing that is even more repulsive is that my father is shouldering a large debt with that disgusting bastard.

I don’t even need to tell you the answer, do I? Basically, it is that.

One day, after confirming my mom was working that night and wasn’t home, that bastard came into Celica’s room.

[Honestly, what feeble minded inferior people] Cecilia

As this was thought, those men didn’t hear a thing. As to why, about this time those men were covered in flames. Celica brought down the hammer of justice on them by using her pervious life’s knowledge.

Yes, using the phenomenon called “backdraft” Celica blew away and burned to death the two men who had evil intentions.

[It went easier than I thought.] Cecilia

Celica plainly said this while looking up at the smoke that was leaking from the blown-out window.

The old ladies from the neighborhood said,

[It’s hard, I know. But it’s ok now, we called your mom who had gone to work.]

As they hugged me I wondered if they knew? They had no idea of the fact that the young girl in front of them mercilessly killed her father and his friend. Also, that the girl they were currently holding was coldly doing monetary calculations in her head.

[ Now, Dryad Insurance Company will payout 100 gold coins for the fire insurance. And the life insurance of my father, whose signature I forged, will have a payout of 100 gold coins. If 100 gold coins has the same value as 10 million yen (TL Note: around $100,000) from my previous life then it’s 20 million yen. Then my mother needs to also start earning 150 thousand yen (TL Note: around $15,000) a year.]

She whispered to herself. Now we need to look for a new house; how can I live comfortably? This is what the girl was thinking at that time.

Naturally with the parasite that was her father out of the picture and on top of that the recent windfall of 20 million yen, the mother and daughter’s life will no doubly become easier.

Now her mother won’t be hit. Even that alone was enough for her. The young girl who was making these devilish calculations was called out to by God.

[You are indeed a rare find that’s beyond my expectations.] God

Celica replied to that sarcasm thusly.

[By the way God, there is something I wish to ask you.] Celica

[What? Do you want to know if there is a hell in this world too?] God

[If there is then I will definitely wind up there. But, I didn’t want to ask about that.] Celica

[Then, what do you want to ask?] God

[I want to know if life insurance is exempt from taxes in this world. Depending on the answer my future plans will change.] Celica

As God heard this he replied without answering my question.

[I don’t know anything about that, all I know is that hell would indeed be lukewarm for you.] God

[Well thank you for that.] Celica

Celica said this while she smiled with a grin.


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