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CH 12 – “The Princess’s Prank” – Reincarnated as a Dark Elf ~The strongest magician conquers a parallel world

Thus, Celica’s elementary school days passed quietly.

Normally, elementary school is just a period to prepare before entering a higher level school.

They teach reading, writing, math and general education.

In Celica’s previous life, it is the period of elementary school and junior high school.

Celica was called a prodigy there and was groomed.

At the age of 10, she could solve college level math problems and create poems that made adults groan in jealousy.

She had more common sense than other boys and girls her age.

Celica had committed herself to studying everything about this world ever since she was an infant.

Celica was also favored by her teachers and was also popular with the boys and girls her age.

A girl who is good at studying, sports, and above anything else is beautiful would become a target of envy.

However, there were some that avoided her because of her dark skin.

Some also made fun of Celica for being a commoner.

But, she never gave those people any thought.

[If half of the people will follow me then it’s our win.] Celica

In this country democracy is not prevalent, but it is the same even in a despot government.

It is impossible for someone to be liked by everyone or to receive support from everyone.

Then if you have an absolute majority support then you won’t have any problems.

For example, suppose that there are hundred students in this school.

If you receive the support of 51 people then you would have overcome the opposing party, but in reality, you don’t need that much support.

The 51 students are not singular entities, they are divided into groups.

If you have the largest group among the 51 people, for example if you have a group of 26 people, you can monopolize that support. Therefore, you can become the biggest force among the 51 people.

Furthermore, if the 26 people are divided into two groups, then all you need to do is gain the support of 14 people among them.

With this Celica can take control.

Even though it looks like there are many groups, but in fact there are only a few people holding power.

That is the trick.

It is the basis of military tactics and Celica abides by it.

Defeat a small number group using superiority in numbers.

In other words, by borrowing the influence of Princess Lunelize Celica created her own faction within the school and crushed each troublesome group one by one and expanded her power.

A circle of people gradually formed around Celica and stories of the other boys and girls will be brought to her.

Celica generously granted the wishes of the boys and girls.

The nobility are shit. The capitalists are pigs.

This was Celica ‘s belief, but she do not avoid making friends with their children.

It may help her in her future plans.

Celica is gaining favors from the future ruling class.

After saying all of this, its only the wishes of students. It’s nothing serious.

The boys and girls who fell in love wanted her to help them.

Although Celica mostly deals with love advice, there were some who fell in love with their teachers, which was a bit troublesome.

If it wasn’t love talks then it was food.

This school is basically a boarding school.

Many of the students are living in the dormitory at the school, although there are some who go home everyday, due to security reasons, like Lunelize.

Although it is a dormitory where aristocrats gather, the food of this dormitory is something similar to British boarding schools from Celica’s previous life.

No, that may be rude to this dormitory?

However, the level of cooking at this school is a bit better than English cuisine, but honestly it made Celica, who is a commoner, wince in disgust.

In the school’s dining hall the words “vigor, simple, and frugal” are hung on the wall. But the cafeteria food can not be called delicious.

The upper-class children who were used to eating gourmet food are having a tough time.

So, it was inevitable that food imported from outside would become valuable.

A cake from a famous pastry shop in the center of the capital.

A hot dog from the stand at the nearby park.

Food that would spoil quickly was traded at a high price in the school and cookies and other food that would last more than a day were circulating as a form of currency.

Celica is in a position to take control of this system.

The one that could make this possible was Lunelize.

As explained earlier, she is a member of the royal family and goes to and from her home under a special arrangement.

There was no impudent teacher who would examine the body of someone from the royal family.

Lunelize could smuggle in food easily if she hid sweets among her clothes.

There is also the method of bringing in a large amount of lunch boxes and then distributing the food.

Celica made use of any and all means available and gained control over the economy and power of the school.

However, even with all of this there was one annoying thing Celica had to do.

That is offering love advice.

Of course, if it’s love advice for aristocrats whose heads are filled with cotton candy then all she has to do is give some random coaching, and if both sides are interested, then it’s possible to force them together. But there are cases where this cannot be done.

That is to say there are cases where Celica doesn’t want it to happen.

The fact that there were many of these cases troubled Celica.

At least 10% of love advice requests that were brought to Celica concerned Celica herself.

In other words, there are many students who confess to Celica.

Moreover, there were both boys and girls, upper and lower-class men.

During her time in school, she was to confessed more than 30 times. She refused every time, but each time she felt her face burn up.

Celica’s outer surface is that of a perfect girl, but inside of this girl is a man.

It was uncomfortable to be confessed to by a man, and it was weird to be confessed to by a woman.

SInce Celica has the mindset of an adult it is a little embarrassing to see the confession of beautiful boys and girls.

Of course it was absolutely embarrassing when she was the focus of interest.

Celica wanted to ask someone for advice, which was rare, but the only one she could ask is the Princess.

Since Celica had no other choice she asked Lunelize for advice.

And Lunelize said this.

[It cannot be helped, since Celica-sama’s beautiful face can be compared to a goddess of beauty. In the future, you will become a true beauty. Of course people would become infatuated with you.] Lunelize

[And,] Lunelize continued.

[Children at this age will acknowledge someone for being good at sports. Celica-sama is fastest in a race and you dance as well as a gymnast when we have floor exercises. In addition to that, you are the top prodigy at the school when it comes to studying, you are perfect. Telling someone to not fall in love with a girl like you is an impossible task.] Lunelize

[I see. You have a point there.] Celica

[It’s not just one point but a whole dozen of them. So please don’t be too cold when you turn them down. Im sure they must have mustered all of their courage to confess to you.] Lunelize

[I will think about it. But I won’t be able to stand it unless I turn them down. I can only take so much.] Celica

[Fufufu, I see. Even if it’s Celica-sama you cannot handle several people at the same time especially when it comes to love stories.] Lunelize

[Yeah.When it comes to combat 100 people is nothing.] Celica

When Celica said this Lunelize asked her a question.

[Well, Celica-sma, do not you plan on finding a lover?] Lunelize

[No. Unfortunately, I can’t even say I’m upset about it. I do not like men.] Celica

[Oh no, well, it seems you are not comfortable around men.] Lunelize

Celica was relieved she was asked “why?”.

However, she continued speaking while showing an expression like a mischievous fairy.

[Actually, I am not good with gentleman, as well. Isn’t that a coincidence.] Lunelize (TL Note: Oh shit!!)

[That’s a problem, since members of the royal family must be married in the future. Lunelize, you are of no exception. I will have you have a political marriage and become a political pawn.] Celica

[I know. Since I was born as a daughter of the emperor,I was prepared for that to happen. But, at the same time, the royal family is guaranteed the freedom to love who they want. My father also does not love the Empress, my father only married her out of a sense of duty.] Lunelize

[There seems to be a well known phrase among the nobles. Marry someone as a public official and love someone as a private person. That is why a life where you have dozens of lovers is glorified.] Celica

[Yes. So, at the very least I’d like to enjoy romance freely until I get married.] Lunelize

[That’s fine, I will ask around to see if there any interested people here at school.] Celica

[There is someone I’m interested in but I will refrain from having you do anything.] Lunelize

[Why? Do you want to realize your love with you own efforts?] Celica

[There is that. Also it seems that person is indifferent to love.] Lunelize

[Honestly, that person is a fool.] Celica

[Yeah, a true fool.] Lunelize

As Lunelize said this, she took Celica by surprise and lightly pressed her lips against Celica’s cheek.

[…………] Celica

Since it happened so suddenly, Celica stood there frozen.

She just stood there dumbfounded staring at Lunelize.

Lunelize smiled cheerfully and lastly said.

[See, Celica-sama is really a fool. Shouldn’t you say something clever at a time like this.] Lunelize

She laughed as she left with a light gait that made her seem like she was weightless.

Celica was dumbfoundedly staring at the back of Lunelize, with her hand on the cheek where the feeling of Lunelize’s lips remained.




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