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CH 11 – “Moment at School” – Reincarnated as a Dark Elf ~The strongest magician conquers a parallel world

(TL Note: I am sorry I have been sick with the flu for 2 weeks. I will be back up to full speed by next week.)

Even though Celica spent her school days like this dealing with unpleasant things, she did have peaceful days.

Lunelize was also attending this school, and the time she spent with her calmed Celica.

For example, during lunch time, Lunelize would bring her bento from her house and allow Celica to accompany her.

It’s the bento of a royal. It’s on a different level than the school’s lunch.

The sandwich has many layers of high class ham inside of it and the cheese is from a special farm for the royal family. The cheese comes from the same place.

Lunelize’s lunchbox is filled with the best ingredients made by the best chefs.

The ones who normally eat this are either those who are royalty or those who are loyal to them.
Celica looks at the blonde girl.
She is glad to have Lunelize working for her.
As she whispered this, Lunelize rebutted.

[Celica-sama you say that you have me working for you. But this is wrong.

I am just following Celica-sama’s will of my own volition.

Even though I am hesitant, even with the subjugation contract, I would still share my lunch with Celica-sama] Lunelize

As to why, Lunelize continued.

[I wish to be friends with Celica-sama. Even though all we are doing is eating lunch, is there any reason to hesitate.] Lunelize

As Celica listened to these words, she washed down the sandwich with some black tea.
Is this girl serious?
Celica used her magic eye.
Lunelize’s body was shining white.
Her wanting to be friends with Celica seemed to be the truth.
Celica wondered why?
She decided to ask her.
Lunelize answered her clearly.

[The first time I saw Celica-sama, I thought a servant of God had descended from heaven. Celica was that heavenly and beautiful.] Lunelize

[I am just a dark elf. It’s nothing rare.] Celica

[That is not true. There is no one as beautiful as Celica-sama.] Celica

[Thanks for that.] Celica

Even though she is a girl it doesn’t seem like she is the type of person to have an inferiority complex.

[But, it’s not just you being beautiful. Celica-sama is strong. The way you instantly slaughtered the criminals was like a fallen angel from the legends.] Lunelize

[Is that your attempt at flattering me?] Celica

[Yes, it is. Whatever the case, the legends in this country state that a fallen angel was a hero who defeated an evil dragon that was rampaging in this country.] Lunelize

[So that’s why you easily fell to my threat and swore loyalty to me.] Celica

[Yes.] Lunelize

She responded with unwavering eyes.

[Honestly, you are a girl I do not understand. But, well. Keep believing in me. In 10 years, no in 5 years I will stand at the top of this country. Then I will reform this country, no the world. Then this place should become a bit easier to line in.] Celica

[In the country Celica-sama is aiming for, will there be hungry people?] Lunelize

[I will make a country where as long as you work properly you won’t go hungry.] Celica

[Will there be no more poor people or people afraid of violence?] Lunelize

[Criminals will be sent to prison. Even if they are nobles.] Celica

[What about the royalty? Will they still exist?] Lunelize

[If they are necessary for the people they will continue to exist.] Celica

As Lunelize heard these words, she let out a sigh.
Celica thought she would be happy to hear the royal family would continue but it was the opposite.
Lunelize was hoping to destroy the royal family.

[Why?] Celica

She asked.
And Lunelize answered.

[After the founding of the empire, for the several hundred years, the Grant family and those loyal to them have been living too freely. For the past several hundred years, the royalty has not worked, abused the results of people’s hard labor, and have been blatantly living in the lap of luxury. The royalty has done the same. Even in their wildest dreams would they ever think that their lifestyles are thanks to the support of the people. They plainly believe that people are supposed to be loyal to them.] Lunelize

[Those are some dangerous ideas. Especially since you are part of the royal family. Have you spoke to anyone?] Celica

[How could I? Until I met someone who could reform this country, I’ve kept these words a secret.] Lunelize

[The was smart of you. From now on, never speak these words unless you are in my presence.] Celica

[I understand.] Lunelize

She said this while smiling.

But, how did such a warm-hearted girl like Lunelize, become to hold such a strong anti-empire ideology. Celica became curious and asked her.

Lunelize cheerfully answered her.

[My father is monster who killed my mother’s lover. After seeing her by chance in town, the emperor wanted to bring my mother to his harem. So, he killed my mother’s lover, and stopped her from grieving for him.

Ever since I was young, my mother raised me and always told me this story.
She would say, your father is a demon.
And, you have half of his blood flowing in you.
Even on her deathbed she continued to spout these curses, then she left this world.] Lunelize

Lunelize told this horrible story as if it was nothing to fuss about.

[My mother told me all of this since I was young. She ordered me to destroy the emperor, no the imperial line. Then I met the person who could destroy the imperial line, that is you Celica-sama.] Lunelize

[…I see] Celica

The cause for this girls hatred is her mother. Celica thought that this hatred was deeply rooted.
But, for as deeply rooted as this was, Lunelize is tough and doesn’t seem to be easily broken.
Another option is after erasing all of the royal family, it might not be bad to have Lunelize take up the throne.
Then Celica could control her from the shadows and move the empire.
As Celica was drawing up these blueprints, she ate another sandwich.
Lunelize gazed at Celica.
Celica thought that something was on her face.
Or maybe Lunelize put something in the sandwich.
If it is the latter then this girl is really something. Celica thought this but she had it all wrong.

Lunelize didn’t put anything in the sandwiches, she was the one who made the sandwich in the first place.

It seems Lunelize want to know what Celica thinks of the taste.

(…This poorly made sandwich is from the princes, huh.)

Honestly, it’s impossible to make a bad sandwich.
Especially a tuna sandwich, anyone can make a good one.

But Celica simply said.
[Not bad.] Celica

This was her thought on the sandwich.

When Lunelize heard this, she showed a smile that would make a flower blush.

[I am honored to hear that. Celica-sama.] Lunelize

Celica was struck dumb by that smile.
Even though they are both girls, Celica thought that Lunelize was a very charming girl.




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