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The Deadbeat Master and Genius Disciple’s Misunderstood Workshop-Prologue

Prologue: An elixir that came from a reckless remark

Translator’s Note: One of the main characters is called シャルティア (Shalltear). Anyone who is a fan of Overlord will immediately recognize this name.  I wanted to see if I could spell it differently, but sadly this is the only spelling that makes sense. Also the author shortens シャルティア(Shalltear) to シャル,so I’ve decided to translate this to [Shar]; since shorting it to [Shall] will make translating harder later on. So this isn’t me just pushing Overlord onto this novel, the author himself chose this name. Anyway, enjoy!


My name is Granite Range


I’m a nice guy that turns 30 this year, and I am working as what one would call an alchemist.

No, I was working would be more accurate.



As to why, well currently I am living the lifestyle that I once could never stop wishing to be, a deadbeat.



What? Why am I prefacing my introduction with “Once”?

If I am to be frank and explain the reasons behind this.



That reason would be that the person I am currently raising has greatly overestimated the guy who doesn’t have much talent, namely me.



Yes, that person who has amazing skills even beyond anyone’s expectations has mistaken me for a “Great Master”.



[Master, I have just returned! …. What? Why are you in such deep thought? Oh, you’ve probably thought up of a recipe for a new medicine! Please teach me too!] Shalltear



A luxurious chair made from the down feathers of a young dragon, something I could never had dreamed of buying before.

As I sit and sink into the chair, I rub my temples and sigh internally. The door swings open with a bang, and an energetic voice came flooding in.

I was shocked, and I felt my body begin to shake.

Damn, I thought that person wouldn’t be back for a while, so I let my guard down. Shit, Now I’m thinking of a “recipe for a new medicine” ……like hell!

Calm Down, Calm Down



I am the master of Shalltear Range, an alchemist who works for the Royal F, who is only 13 years old.

I have no idea why I’m going through this, but if I say that…

I raise my head while completely suppressing my impatience that took me by surprise.

Then I met the gaze of a young girl who was staring at me after lightly ran up to where I was with a face red with excitement.

And there was I, who wanted to say, Who the hell are you? To the person majestically reflected in her green eyes.



[*Cough* Shar, that was fast. How is the condition of His Highness?] Granite



First, let me just stall for time….

Then in the meantime, I have to “bullshit” some materials and ingredient names for the “recipe” or whatever.

Remembering names was not going well, especially for me who doesn’t have that good of a memory.

But, even so.

Who would have thought the day would come where a poor town alchemist such as myself would utter the words “How is the condition of His Highness?”. You really don’t know what life has in store for you…..



[Ah, that’s right…. Actually, I wanted to ask master about something concerning that.] Shalltear



…. Huh??



W,W,What the hell !?!?!??

As busy as I am, don’t increase my problems!! Don’t bring me some disease that you and His Highness are worried about.!!

Shalltear is shaking while playing with her bright orange hair as if she is incredibly troubled and furrowing her brow.

Of course, she isn’t showing any of this in her face.



[Shar, that’s not good. Not good at all. You are now a full fledge Alchemist. You cannot rely on your master forever. You must solve this on your own. By doing so, you will reach even greater mysteries of Alchemy!] Granite



As I wondered what the hell are the greater mysteries of Alchemy, I was able to run away from advising someone by saying some random words.

Just then Shalltear quickly raised her head, and some tears gathered at the corners of her eyes.

…. Huh?



[Hic. I am sorry, Master…… Once again, I’ve relied on you…. 5 years ago, you saved me when I was starving to death in the slums…. Hic. Then Master gave me the name Shalltear Range, and even became my family…. Without me realizing, I have been spoiled by Master…. Hic. Being an incompetent disciple…! I am truly sorry….!] Shalltear



……Uh, I feel horrible.

Suddenly, this is too heavy…. Way too heavy!!

After hearing her words, I thought [Why did I help her?] as I reflected on that sequence of events.

So, It’s not like I saved her because I have heart overflowing with mercy, or that I sympathized with her since she was starving to death, I did it for myself.

Through and through It was only so I could live comfortably.

To be accurate, “I randomly kidnapped…., No, I scouted a kid with no problems, so I could teach them alchemy and have them support me for the rest of my life” is the reason I saved Shalltear.

To be honest, anyone would have been fine.

It just happened that the first one I laid eyes on was that little girl (at the time I couldn’t even tell the gender).

Furthermore, even the name Shalltear, when I applied at the town hall saying she was a distant relative was just for convenience sake. I didn’t have a single inkling of wanting to become her family or calming her down.

I am such a bastard that you can help but be repulsed, but that is how much I didn’t want to work.

As to why, at that time I constantly muttered “I don’t want to work. Why is that that in this world you have to work to get money? Who the hell thought up this system….? I wanted to be born as a royalty or noble who didn’t have to work and could live a life filled with debauchery.”.

Well but then who would have thought the girl I scouted from the slums would be such a find, and she would be the beginning of me living a live well beyond the means of a small-town alchemist such as myself, it is as if heaven and earth were turned on it’s head.

As I thought back on this, I had to do something about Shalltear who went from sniffling to bawling. Since I am the type of person that speaks before he thinks, I once again started spewing random words.



[Shar…, Don’t cry. You are still an amateur, BUT!! You are the sole disciple of I, Granite Range, and my one and only daughter! I, who is your master and father, shall always be by your side….  Don’t ever forget that even for a second….] Granite



I don’t know what the ”BUT” part was about, my mouth just came up with a nice way to complete this conversation. How should I put it, when it comes to Alchemy skill, Shar is already dozens of levels above me and if anyone it is I who is the amateur.

Then Shar, while wiping away her tears, listened to every word I said, even though I thought what I said didn’t hold much value. As I finished talking, Shar’s small body began to shake, then right after that she tackled me, who had been sitting so gaudily in my chair from the beginning, with tremendous force.

Ugh! I,I’m gonna die…!

Even her physical abilities, thanks to her magical circulation. Shar is pretty dangerous.

Even as a I thought that several of my ribs had broken (they hadn’t), I kept a calm face as to maintain the dignity of being a “Master”.



[Mu,Muwasteer!! Hic. I, I… I… I am truly happy that I became MMaster’s disciple… I am so happy… For MMaster’s sake I will do anything. I will do anything… … Right…, The county that doesn’t accurately gauge Masters great abilities, First I will ….] Shalltear



As I was patting her on the back, suddenly in a small voice Shar started to whisper, Dark magical essence brought on by her dark emotions started to seep from her body.

Now what’s wrong!??!?

I don’t know what’s going on, but the country has accurately gauged my abilities.

As I think about it, it seems I can never remove the mask that is being the “Great Master”, I thought about what I would say next before opening my mouth, something that is rare for me.



[R,Right Shar. Let’s get back on topic, earlier you asked if I had an idea for a new recipe. Actually, it’s just as you said. Do you mind helping me get my ideas organized?] Granite



As I said that, Shar shook as if shocked, while still clinging to me looked up.

[Y,Yes! I,I don’t know if someone such as I can be of any help, but please ask!!] Shalltear



[Um, Well then. I was thinking of a new medicine where “Salmalia grass rhizome”, “Yugrena fire stone”, and “Grendola liver” is used. Do you understand what I mean by this?] Granite
By the way I don’t understand.

Well, I just lined up whatever I thought of, you know.



[“Salmalia grass rhizome”, “Yugrena fire stone”, and “Grendola liver” … correct? That is a very weird combination…] Shalltear
As Shar slightly increased the strength she is holding me with, I flinch at what she said.

What, Is it no good? Is this one of those “you should never mix” combinations? I could feel cold sweat running down my back.
[“Salmalia grass rhizome” is a plant ingredient that has a large amount of earth magical power, as an alchemic ingredient it is exalted for having growth properties, as well as having nutritional effects. “Yugrena fire stone” if I’m not mistaken has the effect of stopping miasma from building for a short period of time in regards to magical circulation, and if ingested the blood vessels will expand to their limits inviting death, a truly dangerous poison. Or so I believe. With that combination and then adding magic power, a new effect never before seen will be born…. …W,Wait! I got it!] Shalltear


Halfway through I had no Idea what she was saying, but I am so happy she got it. As she looked at me with her eyes opened in surprise, I felt relief looking at Shar as she stared up at me.

Well, I hit it big believing in the excellence of my disciple.
[It can’t be, Master knew of His Highness’s “illness” from the beginning……. were you there!?! Did you foresee that I would be at a loss of what medicine to use, so you went to the trouble of thinking one up!? ] Shalltear



[Wha! Uh, Yes Yes. You are correct. Heh, it seems I still have a ways to go….huh. Even though I push for you to be independent, I just wind up helping you so easily. It seems that the previous lecture I gave you should probably be given to me. Since I am a master that can’t let go of their disciple, you being a disciple that can’t let go of their master is only to be expected. I am sorry.] Granite



[No…! There is no way…! But I, am so happy…! Just how much Master is thinking about me, of course I thought I knew… To think it was more than what I thought. I’m just so happy…! I lov… Wait, no! Um, Of course as to be expected of my Master!] Shalltear
As Shar spoke with some dried tears remaining and a beaming smile and I breathed a sigh relief as I, once again, was able to overcome a dangerous trial.
Well…, I am spent….

Compared to this, the days where I halfheartedly made some potions scrapping by day to day might have been easier….

As I felt Shar’s child-like warmth, without realizing I began to have these thoughts as if pulling the cart before the horse

….By the way, The new medicine Shar discovered “elixir “completely cured the incurable disease that was plaguing His Highness. At that time there was no way for me to know that our house would soon be moved to a mansion that doesn’t fail in comparison to a High Nobel’s residence. And the lower middle class person that is I would have his heart troubled more and more.




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