CH 7 – “Dream and Reality” – The Deadbeat Master and Genius Disciple’s Misunderstood Workshop

(TL Note: This was a pain in the ass to translate.)

He stands in the middle of a grassy plain which spreads out forever, as if the personification of freedom.

It was neither too hot nor too cold.
Warm sunlight calmly illuminated the ground.
In this warm weather, he says the first thing that comes to his mind.

[I feel kind of sleepy……]

As at almost the same time of him thinking this―― a soft, inviting bed suddenly appeared before his very eyes.

No matter how you look at it, this is an obvious abnormal phenomenon.
But the thought of this being strange did not show on his face. All he did was laid down while facing up and stretched in a comfortable way.

He yawns as he looks up at the sky.

Isolated white clouds floated in the blue sky.
Certainly, if you roll back the clock and compare the view from different times you would be hard pressed to find any difference. This scenery is a bit boring while at the safe time brings him a great sense of relief.

He laid there absentmindedly like this for a while, until there was a change in one of the clouds. He realizes this and narrows his eyes.

An infinite number of haze like clusters are faintly shining.
From the heavens these clusters start to overflow from underneath that cloud. They begin to chase each other as they dance around in the blue sky.
Eventually, a circle of light, which is similar to a rainbow, was formed in the sky.
As I carefully observed the circle of light, just like patterns on the moon’s surface or the alignment of the stars, depending on how you interpret them “letter” or “picture” like patterns can be seen lining up and moving.

[Corona of Dunamis.]

In myths one of the main gods known as the Gods of Creation, Dunamis is said to oversee the world with his “eye”. Among the people of the continent it is commonly called this. It’s a kind of nature magical phenomenon.
Of all the magical phenomenon which exist, the explanations of this ring of light and the pattern that appears in it has deteriorated. Regarding the history if magic, it has a very important meaning.

Although, since he is relaxing now there is no way that any of this has anything to do with him. The fantasy-like scene only helped to make him feel even more drowsy.

[Ah~ being free is the best. There is no doubt that humans should be free from all responsibilities and should live their lives how they want.]

He once again let’s out a big yawn and nods happily as he closes his eyes. As he slowly sets off to the land of dreams――.
But then.


In this world where there should be no one else but him, a small voice could be heard reverberating.

[What is that?]

Since he was disturbed as he was falling asleep, he grumbles in an upset tone as he opens his eyes.


――But he is struck dumbfounded at the sight that has appeared before him.

A pitch-black cloud that spirals as it covers the sky.
The Corona of Dunamis which was glittering in many colors spins at a high speed.
The ground around the bed has turned to a reddish brown, and a large amount of stone pillars are spread around like grave markers.

This repulsive scenery looked like the end of days had come.

He has no idea what is going on. All he could is shakily get up from the bed and look up at the sky in blank surprise.


As he does this, that mystery voice once again reverberated throughout the world.
That voice snapped him back to his senses. And he screamed in a voice mixed with both equal parts of fear and anger.

[Who the hell are you?! What the hell are you saying!?]

At that moment, that world which went from one extreme change to the next came to a clam still, as if time itself had stopped. Then everything in the word was dyed in a sepia.

No, that’s wrong. Only one thing was left with a hint of color.
“Corona of Dunamis”. Only this maintained its vivid colors.


Leaving alone the man who is just standing there with his mouth flapping and not saying a word, another change was happening in the ring of light in the sky. An enormous green perfect circle appeared in the center of the ring.

As this unfound horror terrifies him, he feels a sense of deja vu when looking at the emerald circle.
Just where has he seen this before? He tried to escape from reality but――.

――He finally was able to recognize the words…from the voice he had heard from before.

[……Papa ……]

[……Papa ……]

[……Papa ……]

――Oh, that’s right……he finally realizes as he shows a forced smile.

This sky, this eye ―― the one I gave the name Shalltear, this is the eye of that girl…!



[AGHHHH!] Granite

As I let out a pathetic scream, I woke up on the sofa I slept on.

W,What was with that vision-like nightmare I just had.
Was it an attack!? Was I attacked by some hard to describe curse?

Ho, I don’t know who did this, but bring it on!
I, the freedom loving alchemist Granite Range, will be your opponent.
Acknowledgment? Responsibility? To hell with that! Such mental attacks won’t work on me!!!

While trembling in the remnants of fear, I strained out the little courage I had and looked around the room as I was breathing erratically through my nose.

[…………] Granite

The material shelf with a lot of empty spaces.
The alchemy pot where I can still feel some residual heat.
The luminous stones which are weakly flickering.

Where I am now is my normal workshop, and I can see no one else but I has entered.

[……fuu ……. It was all simply…a dream? Scaring me like that…… That’s right. I am a pa….no that’s wrong. I um, there is no child that would call me by that cursed word that ruins a person’s life. ALL of it was just my imagination――.] Granite

―― Bam!

[Are you ok?] Shalltear (TL Note: Since granite has just named her he hasn’t actually called her by her nickname shar yet. So, I will only use it when he mentions it outside of the flashback scenes.)



As I saw the young girl who slammed the door open, I once again screamed.


As I shook of the shadow of that horrid nightmare, before I realized Shalltear had come to my side and was worriedly looking up at me. I decided to make super important request of her.
I won’t have her ever call me that accursed word again.

[Now listen, make sure to call me “master”.] Granite

[Huh!? Uhm, ok but, more importantly――] Shalltear

[I don’t want to hear anything else. There is nothing more important than this.
Now repeat it!] Granite

[Y,Yes! ma….Master!] Shalltear

[Yes, that’s right. That is correct. Now listen, make sure to pay attention. Our relationship is that of a master and a disciple. When speaking of the relationships between one person and another, what you call the person and how you speak to them always come first. Since you have become my disciple I will be strict with this.] Granite

[I, understand.] Shar

As I strictly argued this point, I coaxed her into calling me master.
I may have quickly spoken to her in a cold way but I’m sure it’s me just overthinking things. I’m probably sure.

I finally catch my breath after nipping that in the bud.

As I threw off the blanket that was still hanging on me, I put my feet on the floor as I sit up in the sofa.
Even after I sit I look down at the small head of Shalltear who has her hands gripped tightly to her chest as she stares at me.

…Hah. Honestly what was with that nightmare.

I thought I didn’t have much of an imagination but in my subconscious an enormous sub-space was built… This is the first time in my life I’ve ever seen such a vivid dream.
Besides my mood, my body itself is feeling a bit sluggish.

Maybe I am actually feeling a bit under the weather.
Or maybe due to all the severe shocks piling up, did the door to my subconscious opened?
Well it doesn’t really matter… Just to be safe, if I drink some vitamin enhanced medicine then…

As I sighed, Shalltear was there and responded in a worrying tone.

[U,Um… M,Master. Are you, truly okay? Earlier you…?] Shar

[Earlier?] Granite

What happened earlier? I can’t think straight…….Oh.

[You, yelled in a, loud voice saying “Ahhh”…] Shalltear

As Shalltear timidly spoke, I was cursing myself in my head.

That’s right…
I was so focused on doing something about that accursed word that I forgot to make up a reason for why I was screaming.

Maybe, I should just honestly tell her?

(I had a nightmare and I unknowingly screamed in terror. Hahaha.)


…That won’t work. Just now I just spoke about our different standpoints. That line doesn’t have a shred of dignity in it…
For the sake of my sanity I will do all I can to keep as much distance as possible from that word that starts with “p”!
I must have Shalltear recognize our relationship as that of a master and disciple and nothing else, at all costs!

[……Stagnant magic…yes stagnant magic had somewhat accumulated in my body. I realized that stagnant magic outside of my body by yelling “Ahhh” in a loud voice. There is no reason to worry.]

[I,Is that so.]

As Shalltear stared blankly at me, I nodded to her in a dignified manner.

That’s right.
This is the first time I’ve ever heard someone could do that.
It is a surprise―.

……It seems like i’m going over the top with this, but it’s better than admitting that “I screamed out of terror”. Definitely better.

The nightmare, or rather the stagnant magic is the main fault here!

――By the way in normal society, when you want to skip work or school one of the convenient excuses you can use is to complain of a sudden stomach ache or say something unfortunate happened to your family. If you leave “stagnant magic” unattended for too long, it can cause many disorders in the body and also many problems will be solved (superficially speaking)!

Furthermore, that sorcery, healing, nor medicine has no effect. And the fact that only taking “a proper rest” is the only method to do deal with this, is a splendid point.

Because, people have what is called the “Hyle Spirit Pulse” different individuals have their spiritual nature regulated by this mysterious and complicated group of organisms exist. It’s not like I am moving of my own free will, it’s just like how the heart moves on its own, so there is nothing I can do.

When using magic according to the conceptual effect as you extract magic, especially when you are moving around a lot or when you barely understand what is going on, as soon as you throw out a hard to grasp disorder like “stagnant magic” then it becomes difficult for others to deal with you.

Well in summary.

―― Ignorance is great!

That’s about all there is.
Indeed, it is truly an alchemist like way of thinking.

As I was thinking all kind of things, “You are definitely not my daughter, you became my pupil for the really dry reason of us having a mutual urgent need of one another” also known as Shalltear had continuously stared at me.

[I…..I am, truly happy to hear, you’re ok.] Shalltear

With, sigh of relief she finally showed a relaxed expression.

Somehow, Shalltear finally was able to understand that “the person she made a contract with”, a.k.a me, has nothing wrong with him.

Oh, it’s been a crazy ever since I got up.




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  1. This is just bizzare theory, what if granite is actually the god Dunamis and he is killed/banished by his daughtee since he becomes a deadbeat god

  2. God himself sent him a vision telling him to change his ways but he ignores it. It’s honestly impressive how big a scumbag he is.
    I do hope he will stop feeling guilty and love shalltear as a daughter though.

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