CH 3 – “Slime” – The Deadbeat Master and Genius Disciple’s Misunderstood Workshop

(TL Note: Besides the name Shalltear I feel like the author is once again referencing Overlord with this chapter.)

In order to hide the dirty child with truly impressive green eyes, I had no choice, even though I was completely against it, but to share the black robe I was wearing. As I was enduring the cold, that felt like it had dropped to near zero now, I made my way to the street where my workshop is located.

Yeah, today is really cold.

I can’t believe people are actually enjoying a festival on a night like this, they must be off their rocker.

….It’s not like I’m saying this because I’m upset that I can’t join them.

On the street where my workshop is, there is probably another name that has been decided administratively. My street is also known as “Fool’s Street”, this name which can only been seen as harassment is what my street is called. Basically, it’s a place that is disorderly like some seedy downtown back alley.

Well, instead of disorderly I think chaotic would be a better fit.

There are normal homes and there is a long bar randomly placed along the street, there is an old woman who sells vegetables from her kitchen garden, and there is a store calling itself a weapon shop that only sells kitchen knives and nails. There is also an alchemist, who won’t move or take orders unless he’s out of money. Even though the rent being cheap is good, there are many people who would go out of business in other locations, that flock to this place

Even there is no need to say it, the last person was me.

Even though we all there it’s not like we are very close, besides the old lady gardener, everyone thinks they are better than everyone else.

Even the circular neighborhood notice, that is supposed to go around to everyone, has stopped at someone’s shop and hasn’t been seen for a couple of months. But, even the simple action of checking who has it is something no one here has the intention of doing.

And here I am relieved that I made my way back to this street.

As to why, well the people who live here won’t bat an eye at the small black figure walking next to me, this is without a doubt.

Actually, on the way here there were some drunk idiots who were dancing, as if a part of some evil summoning ritual. And those idiots didn’t pay me a single mind.

Instead, the black figure next to me was surprised and began to shake. Well, this child will get used to this street soon enough…

—-Finally, we reached the entrance of my workshop, after opening the door and looking inside, I slammed it shut after 5 seconds.

Ugh, Damn it. I forgot to clean up.

Skulls. Skulls. Skulls.

There were skulls strewn throughout the room, there were even skulls floating in my alchemy pot. Even I was disturbed by the scene inside.

A large pot, big enough to boil a dead body, just like what’s in a ritual area used by a necromancer performing some questionable magical ritual.

Before I left, I was hyping myself up way too much earlier.

Well, I should say that if I didn’t hype myself up earlier, I wouldn’t have been able to go to such a dangerous place like the slums at night.

And because of that, the very thought of cleaning up disappeared from my mind.

…Also I should add this just to be sure, the skulls are not real. By placing animal bones and stones in the alchemy pot and melting them, I performed a basic technique called image projection to create the skulls. These are not human bones.

Well now, what should I do.

Is it OK to go inside just like this?

After worrying for several seconds in front of the door, the cold began to seep into my flesh and bones and even thinking became troublesome. Whatever happens, happens.

If it’s this much, then I’ll just have the kid come in and the kid will understand after I explain, probably.

If I stay outside I don’t even want to open my mouth. God, it’s cold.

As the door opened with loud creak, I invited the dark figure inside. I then hurriedly made my way to the alchemy pot and poured some magic power in, I will use this instead of a fireplace to warm up the place.

As I finished this, I once again turned to the door and saw the child had slightly stuck their head out of the dark robe, the face there was emotionless as usual.

[…….] Granite

The child silently stared at me, then the skulls around the room, and then the alchemy pot producing heat. Soon enough, the child started to slowly make their way toward where I was standing.

Oh? This kid isn’t as freaked out as I thought they would be.

As to be expected from a child from the slums, they are mentally tough.

I guess I can skip my explanation, huh?

I immediately began to explain my plans to the child walking toward me.

[You will be taught alchemy by —-. …Ugh…this smell and filth…this is bad…] Granite

As I opened my mouth, my senses were attacked by the horrible filth and stench coming from this child that had permeated the room. I made a face without thinking.

Then I suddenly remembered, I looked down at my own hands which had touched the child’s hands earlier and they were black with dirt.

….It will be better if I wash my hands first.

After this I will need to feed this kid something.

If I take a good look, this kid is nothing but skin and bones. Well that is to be expected.

As I thought of this, I looked at the child who was looking up at me without batting an eye, I once again called out to the child that was being obedient although a bit creepy.

[First, let’s wash your body. Wait a bit.] Granite

Here in this alchemist workshop that is my home, when you need to clean something really dirty I have something special just for such an occasion.

—- That’s right. With a gelatinous body, a living organism that can adapt to any environment. Long story short, I’m talking about a slime.

Especially when you are dirty, using a slime is considered normal among alchemists.

No amount of soap will fully clean this child, and if you properly train a slime they will listen to a human’s commands.

So, after I came to this natural conclusion, I turned my back to the child who had slightly nodded and as I made my way to the slime jar; I decided to seriously go over the techniques dealing with slimes…

The relationship between slimes and alchemy is quite old.

Well actually slimes having such a weird nature is why alchemy gave birth to techniques that can change the appearance of objects. I don’t think this is me just exaggerating.

Slimes are a species that start from eating plants and animals and then go to ores and any inorganic substance, they truly can ingest anything. Slimes then take the plants they’ve ingested and following their own biological rules, physically and magically change to adapt to their environment, this power is what makes up their special characteristics

The first alchemist, using the slimes special characteristics, instead of using an alchemy pot used “slimes who had just split off from another slime” and by feeding them medical herbs created healing potions. This was where it all began.

When I was still in training, I really don’t remember ever seriously training though, I was immediately taught how to handle slimes.

It’s just the same as blacksmiths learning how to control a fire and magicians learning how to use catalysts.

Well, leaving the actual synthesizing to the slimes you know, seemed to match my nature. And honestly instead of doing synthesizing in an alchemy pot, it was better having the slimes do it.

Well with a low-level alchemist such as myself there is scant difference between a slime and myself, but this is something I will never say out loud.

Now of course even I have slime as a partner and its name is Pochi.

(TL Note: This is an average name for dogs in Japan kind of like rex or fido.)

Regarding the name, well let’s just say I wasn’t the one who named it and I’ll omit the rest.

As I arrived at the slime jar I put my hand out to squirming Pochi, and as my hands were cleaned Pochi crawled up my arm.

Pochi must have been happy I was paying attention to it, Pochi was jiggling and looked really cute.

Ah, let me just say this, it’s not like I have some special liking for this, for alchemists this is a natural feeling.

Then as Pochi was crawling up my arm, I made my way back to the dirty child and said this.

[Now, please use this. When you become clean you will feel good.] Granite

[……..Huh?] Shar


This child’s green eyes that up until now had been emotionless opened wide, and this is the first time the child spoke with a cracking voice.

[What, you can speak? There is no need to hold back. After having Pochi eat the dirt off you, the refreshed feeling you will experience is something you can’t get anywhere else. Come now.] Granite

As I said this, I pushed Pochi toward the child.

[Fue?!……ah…..!?!?! ] Shar

Pochi happily jumped to the feast in front of it (the dirty child’s body), then Pochi spread itself inside of the black rob that the child was still wearing.

Uh huh, I will be at ease, Pochi will have a good meal, and this slum child will be thoroughly cleaned.

This is what you would call a win-win, right?

As I thought this, I nodded to myself satisfied.


[N,No! Master, please don’t remember any more than that!! That was very, very embarrassing!!] Shar


With her hands clasped at her chest, Shar is appealing to me with a bright red face. And I being childish and wanting to get back at her, started to speak while laughing to myself.

[Why is there a need to act so embarrassed. Shalltear, when it comes to washing your body besides using soap using a slime is not weird in the slightest. At that time, all I did was try to clean the horrible filth that was on your body using the common sense that is known to alchemists. Shar, even now, don’t you have a slime named “Lucolu” that you go into the bath together, right?] Granite (TL Note: The name is from a hair salon chain in Japan.)

[Um, well. I’m sorry if it looks like I’m protesting, but! Now and back then are two different stories! It is true that now I don’t feel embarrassed or anything and I am used to it… but back then, you know, because I was surprised by everything! …N,Now that I think back to that time, that slime was master’s slime so…..] Shar

[Hahaha, I see I see. Your master was teasing you a bit. Let’s move on with our reminiscing.] Granite

[U, Uhn! Master, I understand. I won’t h,hate you but I am very mad!] Shar

I started to chuckle again as shar said this while pouting.

(From the Author) The fact that the whole setting of the slime was made only for the female alchemist, Shar, is a secret. (LoL, but seriously if Shar became dark then the whole story would become dark so there was no other way!!! The author is not at fault!).

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