CH 3 – “Log” – Shingan no Yuusha

(TL Note: After reading this chapter you’ll never look at a tree the same way again.)

[I was fighting with logs as a weapon, just like one of my favorite “manga”…huh.] Makoto

But in those manga the enemies whom the hero was fighting were not zombies but vampires or demons.

To be honest, I was scared and close to falling into a state of confusion. That’s why I thought to take a log as a weapon. If it was calm at this time, I would not have decided to use a log as a weapon.

A log is too heavy, they are as big as a person’s torso, and there is no way for an ordinary people to swing as weapons … I am sure I thought so.

I probably would have guessed immediately that there was no way I could not lift something as big and heavy as a log, and given up using it as a weapon.

However, I was really confused at this time.

I could not think calmly, and so I grabbed a log.

And…I was able to pick up the log. Furthermore, I was able to swing the log, although I was all over the place.

Despite the log being over 2 meters long, and heavier than me.

I heard somewhere that Japanese swords and Western swords weigh only a few kilos. Even so, I was able to wield a log as weapon even though it’s dozens of kilos in weight.

Is it because my stats like “power” is twice that of the general populous in this world?

Or maybe it fight-or-flight response.

But anyway, in order to try to drive away the encroaching zombies, I swung the log with all I had. It kept swinging it desperately.


The log that I waved around hit one zombies.

It was mostly coincidental, but I smashed the side of zombie’s head…defeated it in one blow. More than half of the head was crushed and the most of the brains scattered. The zombies continue to convulse as it fell to the ground.

It does seem…like it will get back up.

Perhaps…I can get out of this?




… Just how long did I swing the log?

I was out of breath and even standing was hard. I do not have any more stamina left to keep swinging.

I supported my body with the log that I had stabbed into the ground and my shoulders where heaving because I was out of breath.

But…I was able to annihilate all of the zombies.

Around me, at least 50+ zombies were sprawled around. Almost all of the zombies had their heads crushed. Half of them were completely immobilized, and the other half were convulsing.

[Hmm? Among the convulsing zombies, there is a strange zombie woman.] Makoto

Unlike the other zombies who wore commoner’s clothes, it was wearing clothes you would expect an aristocrat from medieval Europe to wear.

Although it’s limbs are thin, for some reason it’s stomach was strangely inflated.

[Did it…just finished eating something?] Makoto

I do not want to think much about what this zombie woman ate.

But compared to the other zombies, the damage to the woman zombie’s head damage is relatively shallow.

However, even if it is left unattended, it will sooner or later perish. As I came to this conclusion, I left the woman zombie on its death bed. The expression “on its death bed” when used on a zombie seems a bit strange.

[I should come back and finish off the other zombies, including this zombie woman, after I walk around the town, I should pierce… Right now, it is too troublesome.] Makoto

Even if the zombies got up, I can easily beat them.

Anyway, the fear I had of the zombies has mostly faded.

No, I’m still scared of them.

I feel that it is physiologically horrendous. However, the zombies as monsters are not that strong after fight them.

First of all, their movements are very slow. And as more defensive maneuvers, for example protecting the head from a log, the was little defensive behavior either. They did not have intelligence, they just followed the instinct of a zombie, and just slowly approached me in order to bite me.

Their movements were too slow and monotonous and I honestly felt they were “weak”.

I am an absolute amateur in regards to fighting. Even when it comes to fighting another human I would be rather weak. But even I could destroy dozens of zombies.

Perhaps in this parallel world, zombies are the grunts you would find near the bottom of the list of monsters in this world.

[Even their status had “Level 1” written there.] Makoto

As long as I don’t lose myself to fear and my body can move, then they are an enemy I can do something about.

I also thought that I got “a powerful weapon with excellent reach and destructive power known as a log”, which is why this time I was able to unbeatable against the zombies.

Fighting bare-handed, it would not have turned out like this.

No, although it is a grunt monster, there were a large number of zombies. Even if I fought with a knife, a wooden sword, a bat or the like, I would have been buried and crushed by the zombies, unable to overcome their strength of numbers.

I have survived because the log has reach it has the power to defeat zombies with a single blow.

If there happened to have been a sword or spear lying there, I think that I still would have been killed by the zombies.

In the first place, if I picked up a sword that I never used before, I am skeptical if I could even use it as a weapon.


It is only natural that I, an ordinary high school student (on top of being not attending school), who has not learned swordsmanship or spear techniques has never held a Japanese sword or anything the like. Besides, I’m clumsy and my motor skills are non-existent. If someone like me grabs a sword with a blade, I won’t be able to use it properly.

If an amateur holds a real sword without proper training, and cannot properly handle the sword, they can cut their own hands and feet with the tip of the sword… I have heard such a story before.

Especially, I, who is always distracted, panicking, and confused constantly, don’t think I will be able to properly use a sword.

Also, in the case of a sword, I feel that after cutting down several zombies the sword won’t be able to cut anymore, or possibly the sword would be broken after having an amateur swing it around aimlessly.

Even if a spear, which I have never practiced with before, was lying there, I think that I could not properly handle it as a weapon. Besides, if you swing a spear aimlessly or thrust it recklessly, even if you defeat a few zombies; in the case of a spear, I feel that the handle will break in the middle of the fight.


A long, heavy, and powerful “log’” was sufficiently useful as a weapon just swinging it recklessly. A thick log, just like human torso, defeated 50 zombies without breaking.

If there were no logs in that place…just the thought gives me chills.

Picking up the log there, I was truly fortunate.




After a while, I started breathing normally.

I wasn’t sure if I should keep exploring the town.

If I was to tell the truth I just want to leave this town right now. Because there might be zombies still be lurking somewhere in the town.

Even in zombies are not that strong, I do not know what will happen if I caught in a surprise attack by a group of them.

[But … the people who are possibly alive in this town are perhaps, five people.] Makoto

In the information of the town I “saw” with the <God’s Eye> there were five inhabitants. If possible, I’d like to find them and protect it. I want to escape from this town together.

I had become somewhat confident and full of myself because I defeated dozens of zombies on my own.

In the end, I decide to continue exploring the town.

Even if a zombie comes out again, I will manage somehow.

[… As long as I have this log.] Makoto

I started to realize that if I learn how to use a log properly, it can be quite an effective weapon.

Speaking of which, how is my “status” now?

After defeating so many zombies. As with computer games, my level or something could have gone up and my stats might have risen. I expectantly check my status.

Name: Makoto Maruta

Race: Human

Age: 17 years old

Strength: 22 Dexterity: 16 Agility: 18 Intelligence: 20 Vitality: 21 Mind: 17 Magic: 22

Job: Barbarian Level 1

Skill: God’s Eye

Acquired Magic: None

Soul Rank: 5

Oh, it has gone up. “strength” increased from 20 to 22, “vitality increased from 20 to 21, “Mind” rose from 16 to 17 respectively. Also, my “soul rank” or whatever went up from 1 to 5. The moment I thought about the soul rank as something suspicion “The radiance of the soul, expressing the strength of the hero. And depending on the “experience” will increase its radiance.”, this information appeared in my head.

That soul rank went up to 4 in one go, and my basic stats, such as strength and so on, increased by 4 in total. As my soul rank rose by 1, basic stats also increased by 1 point. I wonder if it will increase?

Is the basic stat that increase chosen at random? Or perhaps my actions have some sort of influence on it?

Somehow, I feel like it’s the latter.

I swung around the hefty weapon (log) until I almost ran out of stamina and defeated all of the zombies. It also explains why “strength” and “vitality” are rising, and not “dexterity” or “intelligence”.

“Mind” has also gone up, because I continued fighting against horrible zombies as my opponent. My fragile spirit might have been trained to some extent.

By the way, “job” has turned into “barbarian”, huh.

Until fighting the zombies, the job was “no job”.

I do not want to remain unemployed, but barbarian is a bit much.
(TL Note: I’m not sure if this is a shout out to Mushoku Tensei or not)

I don’t want to be thought of as some savage from a undeveloped area, it’s kind of upsetting.

Well, without a sword or a spear, the sight of me frantically swinging a log and fighting, I probably looked like a barbarian warrior.

But whatever, if the job was hero, that would have been nice…




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  1. I know it’s only been half a month, but have you dropped this series? I became interested after reading the manga, but would like to know more and was hoping you would continue to translate this series.

  2. Thanks for the translations, really liked the manga I look forward to your translations, and for translations to get further ahead.

  3. 2 1/2 years have passed. I’m sorry to see this die. I’ll keep it on my list if ever gets picked up again. The oddity of a log wielding hero was a refreshing twist on the standard Isekai genre. Thank you for your work translator.

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