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CH 2 – “Zombie” – Shingan no Yuusha

…After walking for 7 to 8 hours, I finally saw a town.
Night had fallen, and the surroundings have become quite dark. In the night sky, many stars and the 2 moons were shining.
…After walking for such a long time, I am not even that tired. Even after walking this much, my legs haven’t cramped.
Even though I do not have confidence that my strength and stamina are superior to normal people, however, after walking for this distance and time I am hardly tired.
Perhaps, in this parallel world, because of my stats my “vitality” is quite high. I wonder?
Even though the standard seems to be 10, my “vitality” is double that at 20.
In this parallel world, physically speaking, I may be really amazing.


The town seems to be surrounded by a wooden fence taller than me. Is it a fence to prevent wild animals or thieves from entering? Perhaps, it may be to prevent monsters from attacking.
Speaking of which, if there are herds of pegasus in this world, then it does not seem strange if there are monsters that attack people as well.
I have not encountered even one monster so far. Well, it may be because I have been walking on a safe road that humans frequently use, a well traversed road. On such a road, the encounter rate for a monster is probably also low. Maybe.
…By the way, what was the name of this town?
(Town of Rua The Holy Garp Empire Population: 5 Main Resources: Lumber)
When I was looking into the town over the fence, a translucent frame with this information came floating into view.
This is also the power the <God’s Eye>. If you can easily learn the information you want to know, this power is quite convenient. The <God’s Eye> is quite the useful skill.
But is the Holy Garp Empire the name of the country that this town is in?
I think that the place I am now is also within the territory of the Holy Garp Empire.
That is good and all, but isn’t the town’s population being only five people a bit too low? In the Middle Ages, there seems to have been many cases where the villages and small towns in Europe had a population of a little under 100 people. But no matter how you think about it, 5 people is too low for a town like this.
I wonder if something happened in the town?
No…perhaps a large number of residents relocated, and now only the remaining residents are few in number, but that is what I think. That is what I hope happened.
While worrying what will happen next, I entered the already open gate and proceeded into town.
The <God’s Eye> appears to have a night vision effect, so even in a town in the middle of the night with no lights, I could see to some extent.
There seems to be many brick buildings similar to the ones from the Middle Ages in this town. Even though it’s the middle of the night, there was only silence to be heard. The town had a somewhat sad atmosphere.
I wonder in which house are the 5 townsfolk living in.

[Among the dozens of buildings, which one are they living in?] Makoto
While muttering to himself, a habit of mine, I look for a house with lights on. As I make my way through the town that is paved with cobblestones, on the way, I found a mountain of wood (logs) piled up high.
[Logs… speaking of that…there was a manga where people fought vampires using logs as a weapon.] Makoto
I whispered this while looking at the mountain of logs.
By the way, since I love that manga, as I looked at the logs I found myself reminiscing.
In addition, according to the information I saw with the <God’s Eye>, I remember that the specialty of this town is lumber.
From the mountains behind the town, someone must be cutting the trees down. I wonder if out of five of the residents that are remaining in this town, if at least one person here is a woodcutter?
In any case, it would be nice if they are a kind person. I hope they are nice enough to feed a person they don’t know and let that stranger stay with them in their house. Well, there are so many empty houses in this abandoned village, so I should be able to find a place to stay. But even if it’s an empty house, is it ok for me to just stay there without permission? Well let’s put this aside


Walking around the town for a while, I found a square. It is a square with a small fountain. Near the fountain … someone is standing there. Even though the person’s back is turned, it’s probably a woman standing there.

[I finally found someone.] Makoto
I feel relieved as I approached the woman.
[A,Ah…excuse me.] Makoto

As to not alarm the woman, I approached her while calling out in as gentle of a voice as possible. Since I have a communication phobia, I am really not good at this.
The woman turned around, !!!
Makoto’s heart almost stopped.
The woman’s face … was rotting. There were several maggots squirming in her face and her right eyeball was hanging out of the eye socket. It looked like it would fall off at any moment.
There was a big laceration on her head and from there … her brains were protruding out….
Besides, as I approached her, I noticed the woman smelled like rotting meat.
The woman was… just like a “zombie”. She looked like a “zombie” that appear in zombie movies, which are also called the living dead.
W,Who are you?
As I thought this so, I could see a translucent frame in front of me.

Zombie (minor zombie)
Weakness: Sunlight, Salt (especially purified salt), All holy attribute attack magic

This was written in the frame
This woman is…a zombie?

If this is a parallel world where there are monsters, even if there are zombies, the poster boy of famous monsters, it isn’t such a surprising discovery, but…

[Aaaaaaaaa, u, uuuu … ah …] Zombie

The woman, no zombie, let out a groan that you cannot think came from a human and began to approach me.
I instinctively felt I was in danger.
At this rate, I…may be killed…by this zombie woman. My heart was screaming.
I couldn’t stop my legs from shaking.
I fell into a panic as I bent down and picked up a palm-sized stone. And to the slowly, but surely approaching zombie, I threw the stone with all my might at the zombie’s rotting face. The stone had more force behind it than I thought.
Even though I had no confidence in my control, since the target was close, I hit it right on the mark. On top of that, I hit the zombie in its remaining left eye.
Because of the stone throw damage, the zombie crumpled right there on the spot.
[For now, “Command: Escape”!] Makoto
I ran away from the plaza in a panic. And I didn’t have a single thought of going close to the zombie and finishing it off. The zombie was so scary there was no way I was going to go near it.

I felt like I ran quite a distance.
I realized I ran all the way back to a place where there was a mountain of logs stacked. In order to catch my breath, I decided to sit on one of the logs and grasp the situation at hand.
[Who would have thought…that zombies…are real.] Makoto
In this parallel world, zombies are just a type of monster?
Besides that, … why are zombies wandering through the town… What happened to this town?
Suddenly, an image appeared in the back of my mind. A bad quality black and white image.
A black and white movie, like a classic movie from a long time ago, was fast forwarding in my mind.


In the middle of the night, several zombies crawled out of the graves in the community cemetery of the town.
Several of the inhabitants were attacked by the zombies as they slept.
And some of the humans who were bitten by zombies, became zombies and attacked the people of the town one after another.
After one night… the town was overflowing with zombies.


It was just like scene out of a classic zombie movie.
W,What is this? I guess…this is also the power of the <God’s Eye>?
I feel like Goddess Liana said that you can also “see” the past with the <God’s Eye>.
So, what just played in my brain, is what actually happened to this town in the past?
The tragedy that occurred in this town in the past…

[Ahh?] Makoto

I suddenly cried out.
The doors to dozens of houses opened at once, and a lot of zombie-like dead bodies came out. From the houses that I thought were empty, the living dead shuffled out.

[W,What the hell is going on] Makoto

…This is not funny…
My face stiffens up. Looking with the <God’s Eye> everyone here is really a zombie. I…was surrounded… by dozens of zombies.

[I’m so scared I might piss myself…hahaha…] Makoto

At this rate, I will be attacked by dozens of zombies. And I’ll be eaten alive. Or, I may be bitten and turned into the very same zombie that attacked me.
[…To hell with this!] Makoto
I almost gave up right there, but I was somehow able to snap myself back into reality.
I have to run away…no, it is impossible now. I’ve been completely surrounded.

[Then… I have to defeat them? Something like that…it’s impossible for me…I don’t even have a weapon.] Makoto

There are a few small stones scattered around, but with just stones, there is no way I can take on dozens of zombies.
While I am hit a few zombies with stones, I will definitely be bitten by the other zombies.
If only…If only I had a proper weapon, if there was a weapon with a long reach.
At that moment, my eyes fell upon the mountain of logs.


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