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Reincarnated as a Dark Elf ~The strongest magician conquers a parallel world~Prologue 1

Prologue Reincarnation 1

When I awoke I was in a space with nothing in it.
If there is no sky, then there can be no earth.
If there is no warmth, then there can be no cold.
No darkness or light. That is the kind of place I was in.

[Why am I here?]

Suddenly, such a philosophical question welled up inside me.
There as someone to answer that question.
A voice resonated inside of my head.
It was a voice that was too low to be a woman’s and yet too high to be a man’s.
That voice, which was androgynous, called itself God.

[God? Don’t fuck with me.]

At that moment, anger started to build up inside of me.

God is dead.

There is no need to even quote the words of Nietzsche, the 19th century philosopher.
From the beginning, there was no such thing as God.


When humanity discovered the means to treat illness by removing the cause, God wasn’t there.
When humanity spread unparalleled wars throughout history, God wasn’t there.
When humanity left earth, God wasn’t there.

In the several hundred thousand years humanity has appeared on this earth and civilization being built in the orient, during that time, where was God?

What was the transcendental being called God doing?
What did that being bring about in the world?
The answer is nothing. God brought nothing about it the world, that’s all.

God never intervened with humanity. God only ignored humanity and watched over our foolish actions.

With that kind of existence appearing out of nowhere, even if it calls itself God, I’m troubled with how to deal with it.

[God is dead. Don’t talk to me.]

As I spit out those words, the conversation didn’t end as I wanted.
The being that called itself God spoke to me.

[So you hate God. Is that right?]

[I do.]

[What exactly do you hate?]

[I hate the way you bluntly enter someone’s mind just like now.]

Besides…, as I continued.
[God killed me. I am not an idiot who would be friendly with the person that killed me.]

[Are you saying that I killed you?]

[Am I mistaken? If so, I’ll apologize.]

[There is no need to apologize.]

[Just as I thought, you did kill me.]

Before I knew it, I clicked my tongue
Memories came flooding in like a muddy stream.
Memories of being a salaryman in a country called Japan.
Memories of working like a horse.
Then the memories of collapsing at that company.
I know I didn’t die from overworking.
My health management was perfect and naturally my body was healthy.

During the medical examination I had last month, The doctor said I had the body of someone in their early 20’s. And the doctor gave my health a stamp of approval.

There is no way I would die suddenly.
Some supernatural power at work is the only thing that can explain me dying.
In reality, my guess wasn’t wrong.
On top of confirming this, the being calling itself God began to explain why he killed me.

[You who detests God, you have committed several sins.]

[Oh, What sins?]

[The seven deadly sins. {Gluttony} {Lust} {Greed} {Wrath} {Sloth} {Jealousy} {Pride}, you are a sinner that has committed all of them.]

[You may have a point.]

Gluttony. I was a gourmet. I ate what I liked as much as I liked with within the means of my income.

Lust. As much as anyone else.
But, having a wife would be troublesome, when it came to women I used money to deal with it.

Greed, there was some of that.
Being in my 30’s and having a decent position in my company was all due to my greed.

Wrath, I’ve experienced this as well.
Incompetent superiors, self-indulgent workers, I constantly detested that company that had no order.

Sloth, there was also that.
As I learned of those superiors and workers that I detested, I didn’t strive to reform the company. All I did was feel contempt and looked down on them.

Jealousy, there were also feelings like that. I remember being disgusted seeing incompetent people be given prominent positions in the company.

Pride. ——well there is no need to explain that, now is there.

In short, I am in violation of the original sins of an Arabic based monolithic religion.
So, what of it?
How many people in this world are free of sin?
The answer is zero.
There is no such person.
If there was such a person, then they wouldn’t be human.
I am a prideful person and I am aware that I am a bad person.

Compared to people who aren’t aware of their sins or people who are aware yet won’t admit their faults, I am a lot better than them.

As I concerned myself with such thoughts, an applause rang out in my head.
The one applauding was God.

[Why, are you applauding?]

[Because I think your arrogance is magnificent.]

[Well, that is an honor.]

[A normal human cannot be that arrogant. Much less after dying and in the middle of meeting with God, no one could behave in that way. Some are struck with fear, some try to curry favor, people normally fall into one of these 2 groups. In this, you have transcended these choices. Such great {Pride}.]

[Pride that has received the approval of God, huh. Then allow me to pridefully ask; God, why did you kill me? Why did you speak to me? If I am the very incarnation of Pride, then wouldn’t it have been better to drop me into Hell as is.]

[Indeed, that also isn’t a bad option. But, don’t you think that Hell would be a bit lukewarm for a man as prideful as you?]

[Now, I’ve never seen Hell before, so I don’t know.]

[Lukewarm. For a man like you, even the fires of Hell would be tepid. That’s why I have prepared another route for you.]

[Another route? Is there a place more painful then Hell?]

[There is.]

[Oh, I would love to hear what that is.]

[It’s {Reincarnation}.]


I scoffed as I heard those words.

[Is there something funny?]

[Of course it’s funny. While talking about the seven deadly sins of an Arabic based monolithic religion, the next thing out of your mouth is reincarnation. Anyone would laugh at that.]

Reincarnation is a Buddhist term.
…is what I declared.

[I see, you do have a point. But, even though I am a being called God, as I am unique I am not the only one. Such beings do exist together in a faraway place.]

[If a monolithic religion follower heard this, those words would throw them into a rage.]

[Yet, it is the truth. Thus I, as one of the numerous gods that exist, has decided that you should not exist in this world. I’ve decided you belong in another dimension.]

[Another Dimension?]

[Simply put, a parallel world.]

[I see, this development is just like a cheap novel.]

In recent years, it seems if you go online you will see countless stories with the events that I’m currently going through.

This is too rich. I suddenly started to laugh.
As I laughed to myself, I asked god.

[In short, I have died by your hands, and I am to be sent to another world?]


[And what am I to do there?]

Am I to work like a corporate slave, as I did in Japan.
As I asked, God denied this.

[By no means, as If I would waste a genius such as yourself?]

As God said this, the next words were unexpected.


[I will have you become a dictator.]


The moment God declared this, I was enveloped in light.

This being the sign that my body and soul had completely vanished from earth is something I would only realize after I began my journey in a parallel world.




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