CH 7 – “Gefarnate Engel” – Reincarnated as a Dark Elf ~The strongest magician conquers a parallel world~

(TL Note: This chapter has some graphic scenes. Those who are not comfortable with please don’t read on. Also, there was a typo in the title, I fixed it so it made sense with the rest of the story.)

A demon with an angel ‘s face, or an angel with a demon’s face, in a pink dress left the nobleman’s mansion.

Celica borrowed something from the nobleman’s mansion.
That something was an antique weapon that was in the mansion.

In the noble’s mansion where the party was held, my mother’s place of work, the family has a military lineage and has served as military personnel for generations. That is why there are suitable weapons everywhere.

Out of the weapons there, Celica borrowed three of the biggest Zweihänder swords.

Zweihänder is a big sword that is held with both hands.
As she looked up, the blade is bigger than Celica.
In the display case where this big sword was kept, the sword’s history was written down.

[The head of the first generation of the Dreahit family, used this large sword to slay a large dragon and built the foundation of the Grantz empire.]

This exaggerated legend was written there.

By the way, since there are dragons and goblins in this world, that legend may be true.

In short, this sword is the heirloom of Dreahit family.
If this sword disappears, the Dreahit family will be in an uproar.

If anyone finds out, not only will mother be fired, in order to take responsibility, the parent and child may be sent to forced labor camps.

Even with such outrageous penalties waiting, Celica didn’t take these swords without thinking.

There are two reasons for bringing this large sword.

First, this large sword certainly contains magical power just as the legend told, and it seems it will be of great use in the upcoming battle.

Second, the Dreahit household is in an uproar about the dead body found in a men’s restroom. If it’s now no one should notice the sword is missing.

These are the reasons.

In other words, Celica will use this large sword, quickly rescue Lunelize, and take advantage of the turmoil to return the treasure sword to its original position.

She doesn’t know if it will go well, but it seemed to be the best way to save Lunelize, and she couldn’t come up with anything else.

Celica looks in the direction of the ambush on Lunelize which the man, who was killed a while ago, gave up.
It is about 5 kilometers southwest from this mansion.

It is a bridge leading to an area where the villas of royal family are built.

So now, the evildoers who are aiming for Lunelize are on the alert and waiting there.

Celica climbs on and straddles the big sword she will use to save Lunelize.
When she confirmed that the big sword began to glow a pale light, Celica casted a spell.

[ Because only iron saves us,
Because only blood rectifies,
From the crimes of heavy iron chains,
From the sins of evil arrogance.]

As she unleashed the spell, the big sword began to grow brighter.
The large sword became buoyant, and the girl straddling it started to float in the air.

[――Wonderful. Truly wonderful. So, this is magic.] Celica

She grinned. A devilish smile covered her face.

Celica knew that there is magic in this world, but it was the first time she actually used it.

She was worried if it would work, but apparently it seems her magical talent is quite high.

[God granted me an unwanted death and new body, but in exchange it seems that God gave me plenty of good stuff in this reincarnated body] Celica

With that big sword lightly floating and the girl that is straddling the sword, it looks like a broom that a witch would fly on.

In this world the existences with magic power called “magicians” ride such treasure swords and weapons, and played a role like modern aircraft fighters and tanks during war.

If Celica enters the military academy, and is recruited for her aptitude, she will definitely be trained as a magician.

This will greatly serve in all of Celica’s plans.

[Even though I was forced to be in a body that can only pee sitting down, having this magic power alone makes it worth it.] Celica

After doing something unusual as thanking God, she supplies magic to the large sword and increases the buoyancy.

After flying over several dozen meters in the sky, Celica rode the big sword to the point of the ambush.

The large sword flew at the speed of a fighter aircraft.

The large sword left magical residue and it looked like a comet was gliding through the night sky.

I arrive at the problem point in no time.

The ambush had already started.
The continuous sounds of gunfire and swords clashing could be heard.
That place was just like battlefield.

Lunelize group looked like they prepared a proper escort befitting someone of the imperial family, but the raiders seemed to have prepared even more troops.

Clearly the Lunelize group was struggling.
A circle of dead bodies could be found around the girl.

Even though a majority of the escorts have been killed, their fighting spirit didn’t wane. They may deserve praise, in a way, trying to fight to the end.

Meanwhile, what about the attackers’ side.
Without using the full force of the large army they had, they went with only a small group of attackers and couldn’t land the decisive blow.

[Honestly, these people do not know the s in strategy. If I was attacking, I would kidnap the princess in a more brilliant manner――] Celica

Celica stopped talking because she remembered that she is on the princess’s side and not the attackers.

The good fight the Princess’s side was putting on was a blessing for Celica.

[Well then, I think I’ll go play “Hero”.] Celica

If you look at it, the attacker’s side was the bad guys no matter how you put it.
They are ruthlessly killing the escorts of Lunelize.
They are even killing those who are begging for their lives without mercy.
Lunelize young handmaidens are becoming the playthings of the attackers.
I can see a number of low-lives laughing vulgarly while shaking their hips.

[―― I see no reason for me to hold back] Celica

As she spoke these words, Celica began to cast a spell.

[Cold that shuts out the sunlight
Let the atmosphere become a blade
Carve it into the husk,
The melody of death!]

As she finished casting the spell, the two large swords that floated around Celica began to vibrate.
The large swords started to move as if they have a will of their own, and then they flew toward the attackers.
They cut the heads of the attackers who were mercilessly shooting the princess’s escorts.
It seems even a sleazebag’s blood is red.
The swords stabbed the stomachs of the men who were trampling on the dignity of women below.
The bastards were scattered in pieces.

The large swords, which became weapons of mass murder, ran around the battlefield as if they were dancing and killed the attackers one after another.

Looking at the sight in front of him, a man who was standing at the side of the princess wearing a butler’s uniform muttered.

[T,This is a magician ……] Butler

This is not just a normal magician.

A magician of “Supervisor” class who can manipulate a treasure sword, no, “Strategy” class magician who can kill an infantry battalion by himself. Is such an existence saving us now?

The butler looks up at Celica in the sky.
The Princess Lunelize also does the same.
Celica, who is floating in the air, smiles like a witch.
As Lunelize saw that figure, she spoke while grinding her teeth.

[…Gefarner Engel (Fallen Angel)] Lunelize

And that was the encounter of the girl with a past life Celica and the Imperial Princess Lunelize.




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  1. As Lunelize saw that figure, she spoke while grinding her teeth.

    […Gefarner Engel (Fallen Angel)] Lunelize

    So the princess don’t like the appearance of the hero because she seem evil ?

    1. I am more interested in the fact that there are “treasured swords” and they are used in a very similar way as the flying swords are used in CN novels by cultivators… as methods of transportation

      1. Broom, sword, talking bagpipe. Doesn’t matter what they use to get around it will always be silly

  2. Pop quiz: If you are transmigrated as an elder dragon in that world after reading this chapter, what will you do?

    A. Dig a deep hole into the mountains and then hibernates as you wait out the Third Reich.
    B. Fight the MC and get stuffed into a gas chamber.

      1. I was smiling a little until I read “Sebastian”, then I just burst out laughing. Have a like good sir.

  3. […Gefarner Engel (Fallen Angel)] Lunelize

    It should be “Gefallener Engel”. That’s the correct German translation.

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  4. i mean i understand that japanese people often mistake r and l and that their pronounciation of german words i crappier than english ones but pls name it as “gefallener engel” otherwise a certain english translation may be not fallen angel but “driven angel”

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