CH 10 – “The Elementary School’s Baptism” – Reincarnated as a Dark Elf ~The strongest magician conquers a parallel world

So Celica entered Streim academy, a famous elementary school in the capitol.


Streim academy is in the in the middle of the capital.

It is a famous academy where only young nobles and children from upper society can attend.

Many children of nobles, study here from 8 until 15 years of age, then attend college.

(TL Note: In the past, there were times where high school was called college. So this wording does make sense if it’s a medieval setting even if there is magic.)


But, Celica won’t do something as leisurely as that.

Celica intends to graduate and enter the military academy as soon as possible.

In short, she has to graduate in 2 years, or achieve results that will allow her to be entered into the military academy.

This isn’t some outrageous declaration.


Excellent students who have mastered all subjects do not need to wait until their 15. They can enter college or enter even enroll into the military academy.


If anything taking two years is only due to the unwritten rule that no matter how excellent a student is they must be enrolled for at least 2 years.


Honestly, this is why incompetent humans are so troublesome.

The use their own incompetent skills as a ruler and create common sense from it.


But, Celica intends to follow this common sense. She will persevere, live in obscurity, and wait for her opportunity to enter the military academy.



In the meantime, even though it upsets her, Celica will make friends with these noble children.

This is what she thought.


Celica has had a biased opinion of nobles as being a bunch of vagrants since her previous world, but she never called them stupid directly to their face and she has no intention of ever doing so.


What kind of idiot would call out a dog for being a dog?

Where is there an idiot who would try and give a lecture to a cat?

She has already planned for influential people to involve themselves with her.

She already has the know how to curry favor with people in higher stations.

――But, this is only what she herself had planned.

A month after entering the elementary school, Celica was involved in some trouble.


The beginning of it all was when the most beautiful girl in the school started receiving letters.

The letters were always inside of her desk.

These are what you would call love letters.

There were letters from both boys and girls.

The young girl is just that beautiful.

Her hair looks like it was spun from melted silver.

Her face looks as if an ancient sculptor carved it out of black marble.

Her beautiful eyes were icy blue, as if an iceberg from the polar caps had been placed there.


Since such a beautiful girl had enrolled into the school, of course the original hierarchy of the school began to crumble.


Due to her looks she was idolized by both the boys and girls and she became the object of everyone’s worship.

But, there was one person who was not pleased by this.

That person was the former queen of the school.

She was the idol before Celica had entered the school.

She did not find this funny.

That a girl that was prettier than her had entered the school.

That the girl was younger than her and more popular than her.

On top of that she was nothing but a child of a commoner.

The former queen was immersed in these thoughts.

But, she had a sliver of reasoning left.

After Celica entered the school, the former queen ignored her in order to maintain her pride.

The new idol, Celica, received no direct harassment form the former queen.


Celica only started to receive direct harassment after she received a letter from a certain person.


That person was a male student that was 2 grades above her.

It seems the former queen, Elise, has a crush on this boy.


Basically, Elise could handle being jealous of Celica’s beauty and popularity, but she couldn’t handle the jealousy she felt from the one she loved falling for Celica.


Elise is very human-like in her actions.

But the biggest surprise is that the boy in question wasn’t even that good looking.

He has very common features.

He is a noble but he is not from one of the high ranking houses.


At this school where beautiful students are gathered, not only does he not stand out he isn’t even an afterthought in terms of looks.


Also he doesn’t seem to have special qualities, he isn’t good at studying nor sports.


But when it comes to art, especially drawing, he does have some talent. During breaks he is always in a corner of the school garden sketching trees.


After only looking at the tree once, he can sketch it pretty well.

Celica doesn’t think he is not good enough to have a 10-year-old girl attracted by his skills though.


Just what is it about that boy that has the queen so interested? Celica did think about this, but the real problem is what to do about the harassment she is receiving.


Celica’s school supplies are being hidden, her personal belongings are messed with, and of course her textbooks have had graffiti written all over them.

In her previous world she endured this level of bullying before, instead of being angry it’s more annoying than anything else.

Honestly, why are children so stupid?

Celica wanted to say this to Elise, but it makes no sense for a child to say this to another child.

So Celica decided to take revenge on Elise.

A severe and strict kind of revenge with no mercy.

Celica will take revenge on her without holding back.


Of course, Elise is the daughter of a high-ranking noble family. She won’t physically harm her. Of course, if it’s a mental attack though Celica has a number of ways to deal with her.

Celica began by getting rid of Elise’s followers.

She will bring Elise’s followers over to her side.

It is quite easy.

It’s not like her followers were enticed by Elise’s charm.

She subjugated them using the influence of her family.

So all Celica needs to is show off a stronger influence and her followers will bend easily.

Times like these, there is no reason to hesitate in using one’s connections and any means necessary.

Celica sought help from the princess who was attending the same school as her.

Lunelize replied twice and agreed, then she helped Celica.



[Renee-san, Maria-san if you hurt my friend, it is the same as hurting the dignity of the empire.] Lunelize


After Lunelize said these words, the 2 girls started to shake.

Elise’s followers all ran away from her.

But, Elise didn’t give up after that. Honestly, she is really something.

Elise did not stop harassing Celica.

If anything, it escalated.

Since Elise couldn’t use her female followers anymore, she gathered male followers.

Elise charmed these stupid yet strong boys and made them her pawns.

Elise’s plan was to use those boys to attack Celica.

Basically they intended to rape Celica and make it so she couldn’t come to school anymore.

This wasn’t a grudge anymore, now Elise is acting out of pure spite.

This is what Celica thought.

But, it’s not like Cleica is going to sit there and let herself get raped.

The very idea of being intimate with a man makes Celica’s hair stand on end.

Celica decided to resist.

First, Celica followed Elise’s plan and met her at the place she was called out to.


There the boys were waiting, eager to defile the dark elf girl; or that is what was supposed to happen. But things didn’t turn out as Elise planned.


The day before all of the boy’s met with “unforeseen” accidents, and became unable to come to school.


Some had their arms severed, others their legs, some had all of their front teeth ripped out.


The strange thing is none of them saw the attacker.

Or possibly they saw who did it but it was so terrifying that they didn’t dare tell anyone.


The attacker was said to be as beautiful as an angel, and viciously attacked like a devil.

(TL Note: If no one said they saw the attacker then who is the person that said all of this. Ugh I shouldn’t think to much on this…)


Now, the boys Elise enlisted have chickened out no one will come to her aid. But even after that Elise’s hostility towards Celica didn’t vanish.


At this rate Celica will be targeted until she graduates, so she used her trump card.

Celica, in a cute voice, called out to the queen who had been attacking her and showed her a certain item.

It was an item that belongs to the boy that Elise has a crush on, his favorite brushes.

Celica broke all of them in half.

Celica whispered to Elise just like a demon.


[This time it’s just paint brushes. But if you come after me again, I just may break his fingers one by one. He might never be able to paint again.] Celica


The effect of these words could be seen immediately.

Elise stopped her prideful queen-like laughter, and all that was left was a weak little girl who was shaking.

Good, that is the face Celica wanted to see.

After this, the noble’s daughter known as Elise came under Celica’s control.


Many years from now, Elise will become a treasured pawn in a political marriage, but that is a story for another day.

Right now, Elise is just a shaking and obedient lamb in front of Celica.




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  1. honestly, I like the description of this novel… the genderbender, the military, the beauty etc. but the way it’s executed is too rushed ~_~ would’ve been much greater if the author took his time… kinda ruined it haha..

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  2. wtf a little girl planning rape for the mc? i thought this was elementary school. thanks for the chapter

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