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CH 1 – “Dark Elf Baby” – Reincarnated as a Dark Elf ~The strongest magician conquers a parallel world~

Translator’s Note: I don’t share the author’s feelings he has for women that he writes in this chapter.

Thus, I was reincarnated as a dark elf. In addition to that I became a woman.

Being frail and incompetent, an existence that is the most despised in this world. I have been reincarnated as a female.

What is the reason for this? I must have committed some serious sin, I cannot help but think so. But, it’s not as if me worrying will somehow grow a penis in my crotch. It’s not like my gender will change. I will accept my own gender. I will accept my circumstances. I have no choice but to admit that I have become a dark elf girl. Running away from reality will only have me swept away by fate. Besides become a girl, that alone I cannot accept. So, I will watch and observe my surroundings. I can see the ceiling. It seems I have been laid in a baby’s bed. It seems that this world has baby beds, and its culture has advanced enough to have light bulbs.

There is a suspended light bulb hanging in mid-air.

(I heard it was a parallel world, but it doesn’t seem to be a world of swords and magic…)

No, it’s still to early to come to any conclusions. Even though the light bulb is shiningly brightly, there is no evidence that its being lit with electricity. There is a high chance that something like magic is lighting the bulb. This is a parallel world. My own common sense cannot decide this.

(But, it is quite annoying. Being a baby and all…)

An adult would just check the bulb and that would be then end of that.
This is irritating. I screamed.

(God! This is annoying! Move time forward until I am more of an adult)

As I screamed, God answered.

[That is possible, but wait a bit more. First, understand where you have been placed. Also remembering the details of being a baby is not a normal experience someone has. It is a bit fortunate to experience it.] God


I wanted to spit after hearing that response but that is all I can do now. Shit, besides that, I’ve been feeling the urge to pee. What should I do? As I asked God this, he replied coldly.

[If you’re a baby then wet yourself. Pissing is a baby’s job.] God

[W,What? Are you telling me to soil myself?!?]


Its humiliating and a disgrace. But, it’s all I can do. Now, I am powerless. Even if I open my mouth, all I can do is cry aloud. I can’t even stand up. Besides my crotch is covered in a diaper. So, what I mean is that. I’m sorry to say, I soiled myself. I cursed God himself.

[God should just blow up]

As I ended with that, my mother came running in. It seems she heard me crying. My mother who is beautiful enough to be an elf said,

[What’s wrong Celica? Ababoo.] (TL note: baby talk)

With those words I discovered 2 things, one that my mother is a person full of affection and two my own name. The former is fine but the latter? Celica? Why must I have to bear having such a weak sounding name. Even though I feel indignant, I couldn’t show it through my actions. All I am now is a weak baby that can only cry and wet herself. It will take some time before I am able to express myself.

I grew up to be 1 years old. In that time, I experienced what it’s like to be a baby but nothing interesting occurred not even once. All I did everyday was suck on my mother’s teat and cry. Even though all I was doing was just crying every day, I am the one that felt the most dejected. I wondered if anything would change. As I wished for this, one day something happened. It wasn’t a good changed. If anything, it was a bad change.

After I had become able to understand my mother’s words then one day I heard her argue with a man.


[W,What? I have never cheated. The only one I love is you.] Mother
[I can’t trust what you say.] Man
[How can you say that?] Mother


If you just take that part, then it sounds like some young lover’s quarrel. The worst came with what was said next.


[…I cannot trust you. You were unfaithful.] Man
[Unfaithful? What? I have never done such a thing.] Mother
[Even I want to believe you. But, I cannot. Whenever I look at that baby’s skin, I am tormented.] Man


That baby must be me. I looked at my own hand. It is true that my hand was a darkish color. My father must be questioning that. I immediately guessed what it is.


[No matter how you look at it that child is a dark elf. I am a human. You are an elf. And yet how can a dark elf child be born.] Man
[W,Well…] Mother


My mother was hard pressed to answer. You could see sadness in her eyes.

During this year, after being in contact with my mother, it is true that this female elf is a simple woman; yet she would never cheat on someone.

She isn’t the sort of bitch that would sleep with another man. Then she must have been violated by some dark elf. No, that has to be wrong as well. Probably, my mother had a distant ancestor that was a dark elf. My skin becoming this dark was probably due to atavism. But, in this parallel world atavism is probably not widely known. Honestly, what a poorly developed country. As say such harsh words, I have no intent on improving the situation. Day by day, my skin darkens. My father saw this and was troubled, so he became ill. Then, he started to look at me as if I was garbage. Of course, marital relations also came to a close.

Before long, my father would not come home. Even when he came home he was piss drunk and would hit my mother.

Every day she would cry at my bedside, my mother would weep. Honestly, I want everyone to be more considerate of the environment of a growing child. As I cursed both God ad my mother, I made a decision.


[Well then, this will be my first trial in a parallel world. First, let’s try to save this woman.] Celica


Even though I haven’t any familial feelings for my sleazebag of a father, I do not feel the same way to my mother.

I am in debt for when she breastfed me. I also have to thank her for changing my diapers. After arriving at this conclusion, I called out to God.


[God, please advance time now!] Celica

And God responded in turn.

[No problem, How far do you want to advance?] God
[Ah, yes. Advance to a point where I am old enough to punish that good for nothing.] Celica
[I understand.] God


God responded simply and advanced time until I was 5 years old.

After becoming 5 years old, I muttered to myself
[Oh, even with going forward in time I still gain the experience and memories. This is quite convenient.] As I said this I looked at my 5-year-old body.

I looked at the mirror in my room. Far be it for me to say, but the appearance in the mirror was beautiful enough to be called divine.

It’s hard to believe that this young child would later punish her father without any hesitation.


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